“Black Tech” in Beijing Winter Olympic Games | Robots Were on Duty!

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Robots At the Winter Olympics

It’s fair to say that the games were intelligence-center, with a widespread application of robots.

Hundreds of robots assumed the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, as well as services, involving smart epidemic prevention, smart logistics, smart services, smart restaurants, and smart media.

Anti-epidemic robots, guidance robots, delivery robots, logistics robots, cooking robots, food delivery robots, AI robots, and other robots provided services such as food delivery, guidance, sterilization, and waste removal.

1. Smart Epidemic Prevention

Epidemic prevention and control have been the top priority. On the basis of human work, smart operation platforms and various robots such as disinfection robots, digital sentinel robots, and patrol robots were introduced to help.

The disinfection robots were responsible for the disinfection of the venues. It was reported that the atomization disinfection robots and the UV ultraviolet disinfection robots were used in venue sterilization. It was favored by the organizing committee as they were so convenient and easy-to-operate that you only need to add disinfectant in advance every day and they can start work automatically at the set time.

2. Smart Logistics

In terms of item delivery, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee selected several different types of intelligent logistics robots according to different scenarios. This not only made efficient transportation possible but also reduced human contact. During the games, different robots transported items of different weights.

3. Smart Services

Robots that can provide services like sanitation, guidance, and translation were used in place to offer better services. The cleaning robot offers various services like space disinfection, scrubbing, drying, dust mopping, sterilization, and ash reduction. It efficiently integrates the ultrasonic disinfectant atomization spray system with the wet mopping floor cleaning function. It also has automatic charging, maintenance, and automatic obstacle avoidance functions. And its battery life is so excellent that it could carry out the cleaning work in designated areas in an unattended manner and work all along for a long time in areas where people hustled and bustled.

4. Smart Restaurant

In terms of catering services, smart restaurants ensured everyone’s food supply. With an area of 5,400 square meters, the smart restaurant could accommodate more than 1,700 people at one time and operates 24/7, ensuring that the whole process of ordering, preparing, and serving meals was automated. Each smart cooking device was equipped with a payment system for ordering, which supported credit card and mobile payments.

A big white robot provided coffee-making services as well. This smart coffee device was a two-arm collaborative robot that can make a cup of good coffee in just 4 minutes.

More Labeled Data is Needed

From the perspective of the research direction of artificial intelligence technology, whether in the field of traditional machine learning or deep learning, supervised learning based on training data is still a major model training method. Especially in the field of deep learning, more labeled data is needed to improve the effectiveness of the model.

In the current practice of artificial intelligence applications, different level of data quality demonstrates an obvious gap in the value of artificial intelligence solutions.

Common Labeling Tools in Robotics

Common Labeling Types in Robotics

  • Object Recognition
  • Video Object Tracking
  • Industrial Robot Navigation
  • Robot Arm Guidance

① Robotic sorting and material handling, like Package Delivery, Warehouse Inventory Handling

② QA Check, Maintenance


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