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Building Enterprise Apps with Unity

Let’s take a quick break from the game side of things and look at how we can go about building enterprise apps within Unity.
To start, we are going to look at building an insurance app that will allow the user to find their case # or create a case. In order to build it, usually there will be some sort of artboard along with a navigation system that is built that as a programmer, we will need to follow:

So, let’s get started on building our panels that we are going to work with. The first panel will be our main menu:

As we can see, we added in a canvas to work with, and created the main menu panel and used the assets provided to us to create the menu. Next, let’s take a look at how we can go about making the next panel:

With our next panel, we are going to work on creating a base panel that we can use as a layer above our other panels. As we will have the same design throughout a variety of our panels, it makes no sense to waste time creating the same basic design with multiple panels. As we can see above, with the logo, we can adjust the size of it along the top of our panel by adjusting how far from the edges on the right and left side we want it to be located:

A little trick that can be used to create the arrow pointing to the right is have the scale set to a -1 on the transform:

Once we have finished our overlay panel, we can get to work on creating the layout for the other panels we will be working with:

Next, when we are working with our overlay for the panel, we will want to be sure that it is located at the top of the list so that everything that we build underneath it shows up on our screen:

In the end, we will end up with our next panel looking like so. When we are dealing with text, we will want to make sure that in the options, we set it so that text will overflow, allowing us to follow the desired design that is given to us.
Now that we’ve gone over a process to create panels for an app, we will take a look next time into how we can create the functionality to go between the different panels we have created within the app.



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