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Camera Look System in Unity

I have my player moving and now I need the camera to follow them.

The first thing you can do is set your camera to where you want it and parent it to the player. This will get the camera to follow the player.

In the player script, you will want to set a reference to the main camera.

Create a new method to hold the code for the camera controls. Create two variables to hold the value of the mouse movement on the x and y axis.

To get the player looking left and right, create a new vector 3 that will be the player's transform.localEulerAngles. Set the y value of the vector 3 to be plus equals the mouseX input multiplied by a sensitivity value. Set the rotation of the player using Quaternion.AngleAxis(currentRotation.y, Vector3.up).

Note: you can make a sensitivity variable at the top of the script like the player speed variable

For the vertical camera movement, you do something very similar. The only two differences are that you will subtract the moveY input and you will clamp the x value so that they can only look up and down so far.

With this, you will also notice that the player is not moving the way the camera is facing.

This is because you need to convert the velocity of the player from local space to world space. This is done by using transform.TransformDirection().

This will fix that issue.

The last thing you can do is lock your cursor in the center of the screen like most shoot games will.

This can be done by using the CursorLockMode to lock the cursor when the game starts and allow the cursor to be unlocked by hitting the escape key.




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