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Can a cloth be this clever?

Apple came out with new thing called a “Polishing Cloth” which is a microfibre cloth for screen cleaning, being fruity it comes with a fruity price tag.

So now there’s Smart Screen an antibacterial, microfibre smartphone cloth.

The cloth comes in a box that is obviously designed for retail as there’s a plastic tab at the top with a hole in it suited for hanging on something.

Opening the box was a struggle as the internals are behind a tab that looks like it should be pulled to, but only needs to be slightly moved.

The cloth comes out, but it’s encased in a hermitically sealed plastic wrap. Which seems unnecessary since it’s sealed in the box in the first place. Ripping that open exposes the pouch holding the cloth.

The pouch is about 2 inches square and holds the folded cloth which is attached by a piece of material and held by a popper.

Then the cloth unfolds

The cloth is impregnated with Blue Shield nano silver particles which (according to the manufacturer) will kill 99% of all bacteria and it will survive 15 washes at 30 degrees.

As a cloth it does clean screens (though it wasn’t possible to test the accuracy of the bacterial killing properties).

It only costs £9.95 directly from Smart Screen, though an up market “gold” version is available for £11.50 (or a replacement gold cloth for £4.40).

Standard colours are Navy Blue, Slate Grey, Powder Blue, Saffron Yellow, Polar White and Camel Brown.

I would guess it’s as functional as the fruity equivalent (though never tested that particular cloth).

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