Can I Build a Whole Marketplace Website with Ruby on Rails?

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Build a Whole Marketplace Website with Ruby on Rails

22% of Ruby on Rails developers have been using the framework for 10–13 years. The popularity of Ruby on Rails application development is due to the simplicity with which developers can build dynamic solutions.

Since the framework is now a mature one, developers have maximum control over it. There are fewer implementation issues and more productivity.

Companies can build fast and scalable web apps with Ruby on Rails. There are multiple security measures and layers of safety to protect sensitive data from cyber threats. Being a highly intuitive framework, Ruby on Rails makes development easier and increases the efficiency of the process.

popular frameworks
popular frameworks

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Can you Make a Website with Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is the perfect framework for building powerful websites. It is a backend framework that allows developers to write code with ease and deliver a working product within a couple of weeks.

Yes — Ruby on Rails rapid application development is probably the biggest advantage of the framework. However, you will need front-end developers to build an entire website with a web application framework like Ruby on Rails.

While most companies hire Ruby on Rails developers for building dynamic web applications, it is a good choice for static websites as well. The framework is useful for creating different kinds of websites in finance, insurance, healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, entertainment, real estate, entertainment, and other industries (see examples here).

What Big Companies use Ruby on Rails?

Now Ruby on Rails app development is a preference for a large number of companies across the globe. From ecommerce to project management, a lot of big players use Rails in their technology stack.

When talking about the companies that use Ruby on Rails, one should know that the framework was in the initial development stack of Twitter, the giant social networking platform.

Following is a list of the top companies that use Ruby on Rails -

  • Airbnb — peer-to-peer online marketplace for lodging
  • GitHub — provider of software development & version control
  • Shopify — ecommerce platform for building online stores
  • CodeAcademy — online platform for free coding classes
  • AngelList — website connecting startups, investors & job seekers
  • Basecamp — interactive project management platform for developers
  • Kickstarter — global crowdfunding platform for creative professionals

There are hundreds of other companies that are operating on Ruby on Rails. It is a highly scalable framework that can handle thousands of requests simultaneously. Therefore, even the websites that drive huge traffic every month can easily use Rails application development services for their website.

Companies of ruby on rails
Companies of ruby on rails

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Why use Ruby on Rails for Marketplace Development

During the pandemic, many retailers and companies moved from physical stores to online shopping channels like e-commerce and marketplace websites. It was important for them to stay relevant by selling products even when the customers couldn’t leave their homes.

Using Ruby on Rails to build your marketplace is the best choice to make. Ruby is an easy programming language, which has a syntax almost similar to the English language. Even beginners can understand what’s going on in a project and then start building.

Developing an online marketplace requires features like shopping cart, checkout, payment gateway, inventory, and more. The best thing is that Ruby on Rails has a lot of RubyGems or Plugins for such functions. There’s no need to write the code from scratch for building a marketplace with Rails.

Today, enterprises are racing to achieve a competitive advantage by quickly fulfilling customer’s needs through online channels. Ruby on Rails helps enterprises to lead by providing rapid products with better functionalities.

Here are the reasons why companies use Ruby on Rails for marketplace development -

25% — 40% Faster Development

  • Why do companies build ecommerce platforms with Ruby on Rails? Mostly because they can get the work done much faster than other frameworks.
  • Ruby is a simple, easy-to-read and write programming language. It eliminates complexities, saving development time. Then, it is a framework that doesn’t require heavy customization, providing more time to developers.
  • On top of that, there are the RubyGems. They are the libraries & third-party plugins that enable developers to add functionalities without writing the code from scratch. For example, there are gems for payment gateway integration that allows developers to add payment gateways without any hassle.
  • The faster development makes it perfect for startups that quickly want to launch their marketplace. Coincidentally, Rails is also known as “the startup technology.”

Useful for E-commerce Security

  • Building an online marketplace automatically entails the threat of cyber attacks. As more and more people continue to make online payments, cyber criminals often look for ways to exploit their sensitive data.
  • Credit card frauds using phishing and introducing malware are the most common cyber attacks to gain the payment information of customers. Therefore, data security should be the topmost priority.
  • Ruby on Rails ecommerce platforms have an extra layer of security. There are in-built security measures that eliminate any worries about Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injection, and Cross-Site Request Forgery.
  • On top of that, there is two-factor authentication available to users for logging into their accounts. There’s a special gem (devise-two-factor authentication) to integrate this feature without writing a lot of code.

Easily Scalable Marketplaces

  • Ruby on Rails software development enables building a marketplace that is easily scalable. The framework is powerful, along with the object-oriented Ruby programming language.
  • People often comment whether Ruby on Rails web development services are useful for building scalable websites or not. But here’s something or them -
cost of ruby on rails
cost of ruby on rails

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Wrapping Up

Rails application development services are highly popular when it comes to building marketplace websites. Ecommerce apps require convenience, ease of use, and intuitiveness — all of which the framework offers so easily. Today, a lot of online marketplaces are built using Ruby on Rails because they can execute faster and achieve better results.

Therefore, if companies want a competitive advantage with their online marketplace, Ruby on Rails development services are the way to go.

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