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Coding Week 01: GSoC 2022 with OpenMRS

The coding period of Google Summer of Code 2022 officially started on the 12th of June 2022. There are 12 weeks of coding time for a medium-sized project. In this blog post, I will be talking about how the first week of coding went. You can read my community bonding experience blog posts here.

My first pull request

As I previously mentioned in my blog post. I removed the boilerplate code from the esm-template and made the necessary changes that require for the cohort builder. My mentor created a whole new repository for my project since it’s a new micro frontend module. After that, I was able to send my first PR.

State of the UI at the time of the initial PR

Faced an issue with setting up the backend

When you are working with an OpenMRS ESM module it creates a proxy for a demo server which has some dummy data and modules installed. Usually, there are two backend modules that almost every ESM module. Which is

  1. Webservices REST — Provides RESTful web services for OpenMRS
  2. FHIR — This is a module implementing a FHIR interface for OpenMRS

For the cohort builder, it requires two more modules called reporting, reportingrest. But the problem was none of the demo servers had the up-to-date reporting rest module, so I was getting a 500 error. The solution was to set up the Reference app.

OpenMRS gives you different ways to set up the reference app it includes the openMRS SDK, Docker image and the manual deployment using tomcat. I used the manual method as I had some troubles with the other methods.

After a few days of struggle, I was able to set up the backend with the required modules.

Search by Concepts and Observations

My first milestone was to implement the search by concepts feature. This feature gives the user the ability to search for patients based on the concepts and observations.


My second pull request

I was able to send the second PR also this week which includes the search by concepts feature. Here’s a small demo and the PR.


For more updates, you can follow my OpenMRS talk thread.

With that, the first week of coding ended. I’m looking forward to start work on the next milestone. Stay tuned for the week 02 updates. Don’t forget to check out my other articles as well. See you guys at the next one. Until then stay safe! ✌️

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Anjula Shanaka

Anjula Shanaka

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