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Community bonding: GSoC 2022 with OpenMRS

My Google Summer of Code journey started with the community bonding period which started 20th May 2022. With this blog post I’m going to share my community bonding experience with OpenMRS. Before that let me briefly explain my project.

My project is to rebuild the Cohort Builder as an OpenMRS 3.0 microfrontend module.

What is Cohort Builder?

The Cohort Builder is a tool in OpenMRS 1.0 in the Reporting Compatibility module (included with most OpenMRS installations) that lets the user perform ad-hoc queries for patients with defined characteristics, and combines multiple queries into more complex ones.

I will discuss more details about my project in the upcoming blog posts.

Once the projects were announced we were welcomed to the OpenMRS community. I was very excited to start work on my project.

Next I had the the first meeting with one of mentor Jayasanka Weerasinge. My other mentor is Brandon Istenes. We talked about the project to get clarified everything about the project and I was asked to create a document for the milestones. I also created an epic in the OpenMRS Jira. We also scheduled a weekly call.

Meanwhile I started setting up the development environment. Which was pretty easy thanks to the OpenMRS tools. Since my project is a new ESM module all I had to do is extend the esm-template provided by OpenMRS which already had almost everything configured ready to go.


Then I had the second call where I talked about some small blockers I had. I’m also joining the weekly O3 call as well so I can keep everyone up to date.

I will be posting my updates on this OpenMRS talk thread if you wanna follow up.

With that the community bonding period was officially overed on 12th June 2022. Now it’s time to code. Stay tuned for that!



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Anjula Shanaka

Anjula Shanaka

GSoC ’22 @openMRS | CTO @SEF | Developer @promiseQ | Undergraduate @USJ