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Competitive programming and Olympic games

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Professor Bill Poucher remind us about the number that highlight the importance of competitive programming in his answer to a question posted on Quora and The woman software developer and competitive programming problems writer Mariya reminded us of the criteria for a sport to be included in the Olympic games and according to Mariya None of these criteria is met by competitive programming. This short conversation about if competitive programming should be included in the Olympic game is here.

Can competitive programming be taken as a popular sport to include in the Olympic Games is not the question. The question is are the Olympic Games about Sport or about The world, communities, and talents. I think that the Olympic games have grown enough to be this event that represents more than grouping talented athletic but grouping as many people of talents as possible and being talented in competitive programming is a huge benefit for the future of this world and this simple fact should make us think about introducing competitive programmers to the Olympic Games. It is sure that there will be enough teams coming from every country of the world because computers have penetrated almost everywhere and there are more and more talents in algorithms and systems hacking. Introducing such kind of intellectual challenge into the Olympic games is for me a winning thing to do that could allow people to be more aware of the importance of technology and making more children motivated to learn about programming and engineering systems with computers.

Competitive programming platforms like TopCoder should promote this idea of introducing competitive programming into the next Olympic Games by using all the means they can like partnering with other platforms and asking for the influence power of the tech industry for this to happen and for competitive programming to not wait for its popularity in order to be part of these games but to benefit from them to promote itself.

The world has a lot to win by doing this and I think that tech companies and startups should sponsor an initiative that has the goal of introducing Competitive programming as a sport of the Olympic Games. I have already had in the past the idea of creating the world association of competitive programming and hosting a competitive programming event here in Africa where I think it is most unpopular.

I Will be talking with someone from TopCoder today and I hope that I will be able to promote this idea to her even if the topic of this meeting is not about that.

If you think that I am right by saying that Competitive programming should be taken as a sport of the next Olympic Games then let’s organize ourselves into a group for claiming this fact because if we are many to claim it there will more chance of this to happen. Competitive programming is good for the future of this world because it produces talented people able to solve algorithmic challenges. Let’s not forget that we gained a lot with the fact that some people worked hard for building a system that could decrypt Enigma this powerful cryptographic machine of world war II.

I hope not in the same context but we could need competitive programmers for this kind of job then why not promote competitive programming.

PS: if you are a programmer, a software engineer, or just someone interested in tech I recommend you be also interested in competitive programming and you can start your path with Topcoder.

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