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Evaluate the Cost to Develop Music Streaming App Like Spotify

Thanks to the presence of mobile apps, daily lives have gotten transformed exponentially. This includes making services like food and music streaming easily accessible. Could you have thought until a point that you would have an app that made music streaming so easy to perform? No right? But courtesy of the entry of Spotify, this became achievable, and the music streaming industry has become a profit-bearing market whose revenues will become around $913.2 million by 2025.

As you read the article, you will gain insight into the profitable nature of the online streaming industry. This will also comprise knowing about the advent of apps like Spotify that has been responsible for the popularity soaring. You will get an understanding of the reasons why it is, therefore, a good idea to have an app like Spotify for your music streaming venture. Last, we will list down the steps that would come in handy when you set out to build the solution, citing its cost.

So without further adieu, let us begin.

Profitable Nature of the Music Streaming Apps

  • If you look closely into the app economy, music streaming apps have played a prominent role in enhancing their growth. This is due to the global spending for these solutions being extremely high on platforms- iOS and Android. For iOS, the spend is around 45%, whereas, for Android, it is 120%.
  • Penetration of the music streaming industry would become 11.7% by 2025.
  • Thanks to music streaming apps, the revenue is predicted to be $17.50 billion by 2025.

As a result of these numbers, it becomes clear that the presence of music streaming apps has been responsible for the industry is so promising and flourishing, which it predicts to remain with the progress of time.

Today, visiting the Google Play Store or iOS App Store of your Android or Apple device, many music streaming apps allow customers to stream songs of their preference on their device. However, one that we will discuss in detail that has been responsible for the music streaming industry becoming an extremely profitable industry is Spotify.

Here are some attractive numbers related to the solution mentioned in the lines below.

You may be wondering, looking at these figures, the factors responsible for the popularity of Spotify being so high. Well, the answer to this is the presence of unique features and functionalities.

Below, you will know the music streaming app and its unique features. This will help you understand the reasons why new music streaming ventures are embarking on building solutions similar to this app.

Introducing You to Spotify

A Swedish audio streaming and media services provider, Spotify had its launched in 2008. It currently has over 422 million users globally, with 182 million subscribers who pay for premium services there.

The solution has some very unique functionalities and features that have been responsible for its popularity soaring.

Here are some of them listed below.

Unique features of Spotify:

  • Play music in shuffle mode that is easy to skip up to six times per hour.
  • Spotify Connect for users to play music from their device on their computer and other such platforms.
  • Daily Mixes are generated by Spotify based on the interaction of the user on the app.

Alongside these unique features, Spotify allows users to discover new music, share them, and access playlists. These factors have led to new music startups building solutions similar to Spotify. This is to make music easy to stream, keep users engaged, and ensure the business, in the end, can attract maximum users to its services.

It demands adherence to a few steps. As you read the lines below, you will know the techniques you should follow during the development. This will ensure that the final solution drives maximum value for your music streaming industry.

How to Build Music Streaming App? Steps to Follow

Know Features that Will Make Your App an Instant Hit

The image above depicts the different features present in the Spotify app. Make sure you have an idea of these before you even embark on the development phase. Knowledge across this area will allow you to provide seamless music streaming services through your app like Spotify.

Some features that you can include are-

  • Make a playlist to allow users to store their favorite songs in one place.
  • In-app messages for different users to interact with one another directly within the app itself.
  • Provide music recommendations to allow users to obtain music recommendations based on the interaction they have with the app.
  • Social sharing allows users to share songs, playlists, etc., directly from the app on various social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

The addition of these constituents in your Spotify-like app will allow users to remain engaged with the solution and use it with utmost ease.

Remain Aware of the Different Stages to Develop Apps like Spotify

Once you know the features that will allow your app to function effectively, the next step is to be aware of the different stages of music app development. This will ensure that the process remains as methodological as possible and you do not face any roadblocks during the development phase.

Seven stages go into music app development services-

  1. Performing strong market research.
  2. Create an MVP after research to gain insight into users’ acceptance of your app.
  3. Including a UI/UX design that makes the app easy to navigate and keeps it engaging for customers.
  4. Preparing technical specs containing a list of the tech stack you would use for building the app.
  5. Entering into the music app development stage.
  6. Getting the app tested to detect bugs and errors.
  7. Releasing the app and providing music application support.

Remaining aware of these stages will ensure that music streaming services are seamless through your Spotify-like app.

Connect With Music App Development Company

Albeit remaining aware of the different stages of development and features, know that until and unless you connect with a trusted music app development company, your app idea will not drive maximum value. Therefore, make sure, before anything else, you do that. Embracing some of the best techniques and processes during music app development services — understanding your requirements, using the best designs, and creating an app prototype, they will create a solution that makes music streaming easy to perform. This is followed by ensuring that the app allows users remain engaged for a long time.

Evaluate the Cost to Develop App like Spotify

After you have located a music app development company, the next vital step is to evaluate the cost, that is, the cost to develop a music streaming app.

To evaluate this, take cognizance of these areas:

Based on Country

Places like Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, and India are known as the leaders in the sphere of mobile app development. Hence, if you choose either of these places, here’s the overall expenditure you would have to incur. In the USA, the charge will be between $120 to $250 per hour. In Western Europe, charges will be $70 to $150. In Eastern Europe, on the other hand, you will spend $50 to $130 per hour. In India, the charge will be between $20 to $60 per hour. So make sure that the choice of the country is wise to keep finances intact.

Based on Stages of Development

Through the image above, you can gain insight into the percentage for the different stages of development. These are extremely important to evaluate when you set out to determine the cost.

So here’s breaking down the cost for development across different platforms in the lines below-

  • For iOS app: $60+ per hour
  • For Android application: $70+ per hour
  • For cross-platform app: $90+ per hour

Based on Features You Add

Based on features, the budget will be different. This is based on the app store fees paid, charges made for app maintenance, and so on.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • For a basic app with essential features — $12,000 to $20,000
  • For complex apps with advanced features — $15,000 to $30,000
  • For a highly complex app — More than $30,000

All these areas will allow you to save enormously on costs and ensure you can create an app that makes music streaming seamless through it.


Albeit known as a challenging market to venture into, the music streaming industry is undoubtedly profitable. Thanks to the presence of apps like Spotify, the venture has a promising future.

This is why those setting base in this profitable market are in the pursuit of building a similar solution. Thus, apart from knowing the factors through which you can assess the cost to develop music streaming app like Spotify features, the different stages of development involved, and the country from where you get these services. Next, it is relevant that you also connect with a reliable music app development company. Embracing the best practices during music app development will help you save on finances and build a solution that drives maximum ROI.



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