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Creating an elevator in Unity, part 2: Paying the cost

Yesterday, we got the panel initially working, One of the requirements to use this elevator is having 8 coins, so let’s get right into it and create a variable for it!

As stated before, we hardly ever want to hard-code numbers for items, you want to keep things flexible so here we’ll keep it available for any dev that may want to change the amount of required coins to tweak game balance for example.

While the player does have a _coins variable, it’s private and we don’t want to change it to public. Fortunately, we can just create a public method that will return the amount of coins that we’ll be able to call. Open up the player script and we’ll add it.

Fantastic! We can now use this newly available information method to check in our elevator panel!

Great! Let’s check if it works by missing 1 coin.

So far so good! It’s not turning green while I spam the e key, let’s pick up the last coin and try it.

Awesome! The light’s turning green because we have 8 coins!

Tomorrow we’ll bring the elevator down!

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