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Creating Transparent Window Effect in Unity

Now that we know how to alter albedo and sub mesh’s, let’s take a look at how we would create glass within our editor:

Our goal here is to have our window on the left side look just like that on the right side. First, we can just add the materials for our frame, marble base and metal bars in the window to have that part look the same:

Once we have our different mesh renders set up, we can look to create our new material for the glass of the window:

Once we have created the material, we will want to change the rendering mode to transparent so that it gives the object the trait to look through it. From here, we will just alter the alpha of our colour selection scale to 0:

We can see that as we slowly slide the bar down, the more transparent our window looks. Now that we have altered it around, let’s take a look at the 2 different windows and see how well the match:

Now that we have matching windows, we can now look at other methods of adjusting the environment within our unity editor.



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