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Daily progress: Prefab brushes no more, meet the GameObject Brush

The next part of the class talked about Prefab brushes, which, unfortunately, seem to be a deprecated item but are now replaced with the GameObject brush. A huge thank you to James West for his article on this latest update.

First of all, you can no longer create a Prefab brush as before, you’ll have to go into the Tile palette menu and select the GameObject brush instead

Before continuing on, I figured I’d share what the course is having us do and that’s slice a diamond sprite up in 32x32 cell sizes which I’m assuming the frames will be incorporated into the brush prefab. Automatic slicing seems to do the job nicely.

I went ahead and dragged all the diamond frames into the scene, Unity would then create an animation out of it and ask me where I wanted to save it, I created an Animation folder, then a collectibles folder, and finally a diamond folder to place it. Then I dragged the diamond animation into a new Prefabs folder.

Next, I created a new tilemap grid called Diamond_Grid and placed the sorting layer to 2, the same as the ground layer.

In the Tile palette, I chose the GameObject brush and dragged the current diamond prefab into its GameObject slot.

With the Diamond Grid in the Tile palette selected, I began painting diamonds. (Note: I had to set the prefabs sprite sorting layer to 3 so it could be in front of everything else)

I’m thankful the alternative to a prefab brush wasn’t too difficult. I didn’t seem to need to have the prefab in the grid in order to paint it either, so maybe that's a fixed bug?



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