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Data Annotation Service — How Data Labeling Accelerates AI Application in the New Retail Field?

New Retail Industry

New Retail” is the term Alibaba uses to describe the blending of online and offline commerce through the digitization of the entire retail value chain for the benefit of both the merchant and the consumer and, of course, the company enabling this transformation.

The retail industry is a labor-intensive industry, among all the infrastructures, the cashier labor cost occupies a considerable part.

Visual Recognition

With the development of deep learning, it is an inevitable trend to use image recognition technology to achieve cost reduction while increasing efficiency.

At present, a popular intelligent solution is visual recognition, which takes image recognition as the core technology, and takes camera, and mainboard as the core hardware. It conducts object detection and classification, realizes automatic recognition and settlement, improving the shopping experience, and saving labor costs.

The solution is already commercialized in some regions. However, in reality, some problems emerged, mainly on the accuracy issue. For example, the packages are very similar, which makes recognition more difficult.

Scalable Labeled Data required

In the process of in-depth industrial landing, there is still a gap between artificial intelligence technology and enterprise needs. The core goal of enterprise users is to use artificial intelligence technology to achieve business growth. Actually, artificial intelligence technology itself cannot directly solve all the business needs. It needs to create products and services that can be implemented on a large scale based on specific business scenarios and goals.

Common Labeling Tools

2D boxing,Polyline,Polygon,Image classification,Semantic segmentationVideo annotation


Object Recognition: Goods on the shelf, goods picking-up

Object Tracking in Video: Holding goods video annotation, personalized shopping

2D Boxing

Object Classification: Cosmetics brand classification, clothing color style, and current popular style classification

Regional Segmentation: Different areas segmentation

Semantic segmentation

Specialized and customized scenarios are the main development trend of the data annotation industry. High-quality data sets will effectively improve the accuracy of image recognition and bring new vitality to the commercialization of the new retail industry.

Other Applications

  • Search Relevance: customer behavior analysis, product discovery time shortening, and brand loyalty enhance
  • Shelf Management: product misplacement, shortage, and mispricing
  • Unmanned Store: tracking of buyers’ behavior and gesture
  • Inventory Detection
  • Spatial Object Tracking & Temporal Segmentation

① Movement, poses and gestures recognition

② Player behavioral analysis

  • Receipts, price tags, restaurant menus OCR transcription
  • Customer survey, feedback analysis
  • Personalized shopping customer’s sentiments analysis

ByteBridge, a human-powered and ML-powered data labeling tooling SaaS platform

With real-time workflow management, ByteBridge provides flexible data training services for the machine learning industry.


  • ML-assisted capacity can help reduce human errors by automatically pre-labeling
  • The real-time QA and QC are integrated into the labeling workflow as the consensus mechanism is introduced to ensure accuracy
  • Consensus — Assign the same task to several workers, and the correct answer is the one that comes back from the majority output
  • All results are thoroughly assessed and verified by a human workforce and machine
ByteBridge, a Human-powered and ML-powered Data Labeling Tooling SaaS Platform

In this way, ByteBridge can affirm our data acceptance and accuracy rate is over 98%.

Communication Cost Saving

On ByteBridge’s SaaS dashboard, developers can start the labeling projects by using the labeling instruction template and get the results back instantly.
From online setting labeling briefing to expert support alongside, the instruction communication is not that hard anymore.

ByteBridge Labeling Guideline Templates

For example, you can choose Image Classification Template on the dashboard:

ByteBridge Data Labeling Platform Tutorial: One Step Classification Template Updated

Or you can choose Bounding Box and Classification Template:

ByteBridge Data Labeling Platform Tutorial: Bounding Box and Classification Template Updated

Control your own Project — 2D Images Labeling

In addition, researchers can create the data project by themselves, upload raw data, download processed results, check ongoing labeling progress simultaneously on a pay-per-task model with clear estimated time and take control over the project status.

ByteBridge, a Human-powered and ML-powered Data Labeling Tooling SaaS Platform

These labeling tools are already available on the dashboard: Image Classification, 2D Boxing, Polygon, Cuboid.

We can provide personalized annotation tools and services according to customer requirements.


A collaboration of the human-work force and AI algorithms ensure a 50% lower price compared to the conventional market.


If you need data labeling and collection services, please have a look at, the clear pricing is available.

Please feel free to contact us:

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