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Data Labeling — How to Select a Data Labeling Company in 2021?

Nine Questions to Ask before Selecting a Data Annotation Outsourcing Company

Data Annotation Service

Data annotation technique is applied to make the objects recognizable and understandable for AI models. It is critical for the application of machine learning in security, autonomous driving, aerial drones, and many other industries. There is no doubt that the performance of an AI system depends more on the training data.

However, data annotation is a repetitive, time-consuming, and laborious processing regarding the tremendous volumes of data required for machine learning algorithms. Therefore, many ML companies prefer outsourcing services so that they can focus on technology development, which in turn helps them get a competitive advantage in the AI industry.

Data Annotation Market Current Situation

There are a variety of outsourcing companies available in the data annotation market, and the traditional data annotation outsourcing workflow goes in this way:

a. Defining the work and outlining the project’s requirement

b. Looking for a trustworthy service provider and signing contracts on the project

c. The outsource company screening and training the skilled annotators

d. Project launch

e. Data quality verification and inspection

As you can see from the process, it usually takes at least one week on project analysis and project team building before the data annotation starts, which lowers the efficiency. Moreover, the pricing is not always transparent. Usually, they charge per hour. For computer vision data, the payment is usually around $5-$10 per hour per worker.

How to Select a Data Annotation Outsourcing Company?

Nine Questions to Ask While Choosing the Partner

  • What data types do you support?
  • How about the data quality control?/How to ensure high-quality data?
  • Is the data labeled manually?/How is the data labeled, manually or semi-automatic labeled?
  • Do I need to form my own in-house team?
  • Tell me more about your data security process
  • How do you ensure project scalability?
  • Compared to other platforms, why yours is better?
  • Do you have a free trial?
  • Pricing


Outsource your data labeling tasks to ByteBridge, you can get the high-quality ML training datasets cheaper and faster!

  • Free Trial Without Credit Card: you can get your sample result in a fast turnaround, check the output, and give feedback directly to our project manager.
  • 100% Human Validated
  • Transparent & Standard Pricing: clear pricing is available(labor cost included)

Why not have a try?

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