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How Dimensions effects Worlds or Universes

Dimensions in Nature

We need to understand existed Dimensions in our Universe. Understanding Dimensions in Universe is required to be keen in Astrophysics mainly deals with Space, Time, Multiverses or many worlds, Quantum Mechanics nature, and invention of new theories, physics laws etc.,

I try to cover dimensions in general and less physics terminology, so that a common person should easily understand.

It is my ambition to write about the dimensions in Nature due to understand where we are, which dimensions we are visible , assume, enjoy and experienced. The Quantum Mechanics nature unlocks the concept of Parallel Universes or Multiverses usually starts from the 5th dimension and leads us to think our Universe in another way and reality exists in multiple places at the same time (using Probability Concept).

According to String Theory there are 11 dimensions exist in our creation, before Big Bang these dimensions are symmetric and after big bang only 4 dimension we can perceptible and the rest are not.

It simply a line , it connects all points but no width or height.

: Things which can make flat figures contains width and height. The best example is we are living in 2 Dimensions.

The spatial dimensions which we exist. The best example is our space. Dimensions are height, width and depth. Our planet Earth rotating around itself and the Sun in 3rd dimension. Below are the figures.

: This refers to time and it is temporal dimension and embed spatial dimension (3D) of the reality that we exist. Time allows to change spatial 3 dimensions. In General Relativity, spacetime is taken as 4th dimension. In our Earth planet, we may perceptible 3 dimensions and experience 4th dimension but not visible.

: From 5th dimension onwards hypothetically need to understand physically not visible at all. From here multiverses or multi worlds or parallel worlds come into picture based on the Quantum Physics nature. Many-Worlds is actually the simplest and least elaborate version of quantum mechanics we can imagine. It is Probability of worlds. There are notable difference between our and other world. From this Dimension experience with Quantum Mechanics nature in Multiverses.

: This dimension is the plane of possible new worlds, where we could compare and position all possible worlds start with the same initial conditions as Big Bang.

Note that Both 5th and 6th dimensions dealt with Parallel Worlds.

: At this point universe creation may differ from Big Bang, i.e., Universes not created from the Big Bang. These universes have different laws of physics, speed of light and new forces.

: It is the plane of possible new universes history, so that we can show the past and future of each universe and this dimension stretch infinitely. Each universe has different initial conditions and branches out infinitely.

: Compare all possible Universes histories whether these universes created from Big Bang or not, where each Universe has different laws of physics and initial conditions. Comparing past and future of different universes.

: In these dimensions every possible and imaginable covered, Nothing can be imagined after these dimensions, it is the natural limitation that we can conceive in terms of Dimensions.

In how many dimensions we are in?

We are in living in 4 dimensions, we are in 2D, and Satellites rotating around the earth in 3D and experience time in 4th dimension. From 5th dimension onwards leading to parallel worlds.

According to String theory our universe working in 11 Dimensions. More or less 11 dimensions our universe wont stable. Based on the developed theories like String and M-Theory the 11 Dimensions are minimally required for stable Universe.

Travelling through dimensions?

As of now we can travel in 2D through vehicles and flights. In 3D object has to orbit and revolve around some object like Earth orbits and revolve around the Sun. Travelling in high dimensions may be proved through mathematics but reality has to accept it, have to develop to support such kind of Machines. Chasing the Nature is not so simple that what we achieve theoretically, practically and reality may differ and alter the proposed equations in production.

Extra-Dimensional Beings ? Aliens

As of now our human being eyes can see 3D creatures (living and non-living) and greater than 3D creatures we are unable to see and not visible to us. As a common person can easily understand that from higher dimension to lower dimension can easily see and pick, low — to high dimension creatures unable to see and catch unless they are in same dimension.

Thanks for reading my article, appreciate your feedback, comments, mistakes and share.



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