Do You Know Your Cyber Risk Score?

Himanshu Tyagi
Feb 14 · 5 min read

We are currently witnessing an era with rapid digital transformation for both people and businesses around the world. Most industries are now leveraging data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Not just businesses but individuals heavily rely on technology from social media to connect with their loved ones to use search engines to find information quickly. While everyone continues to enjoy the latest technological developments, the consciousness towards securing their businesses from cyber threats is less.

The potential damage from a data breach or cyber attack is terrifying. Here are some statistics that will prompt you to fortify your cyber defense even if you haven’t thought about it before.

  • According to Verizon, 86% of cyber breaches were financially motivated and 10% by espionage.
  • In their report, Gartner states that the worldwide information security market is forecast to reach $170.4 billion in 2022.
  • And, Inc42 says that rising cyber-attacks cost a whopping INR 1.25 Lakh Cr for Indian IT companies in 2019, but it is expected to grow every year.

Cyber Risk Detection vs. Cyber Risk Prediction

For how long will you be dependent on cyber risk detection? In this modern era, you require a more proactive approach, i.e., predicting cyber breaches before they might happen!

There are two types of companies — one who knows they are hacked and those who don’t. Hacking is now a common term for most geeks and nerds in colleges. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you start investing in fortifying your cyber defenses.

Quantify Your Cyber Risk Score

You can’t improve something that you can’t measure. The same is the case with cyber attacks. It can be quite challenging for you to protect yourself from a preventable cyber attack if you aren’t aware of your risk posture.

Fortunately, Safe Security — a pioneer in cyber risk quantification solves this problem for both entities — businesses and customers alike with their products.

SAFE — Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises

SAFE Me — SAFE product for the public domain so that everyone becomes more cyber conscious.

Today, let’s see our scores. In my next articles, I will share a lot more about SAFE and how it can help you to build a multi-level cyber defense for your business.

Know Your Cyber Risk Score With SAFE Me Mobile Application

SAFE Me is a free mobile app available for Android and iOS users in their respective app stores.

You may download and install it using the link provided above. Once the app is up and ready on your smartphone, please open it and create an account to get started. That would hardly take a few minutes.

The app’s main dashboard displays your cyber risk score, as you can see in the screenshot below.

The score is between 0 to 5, and the lesser the score means, the more you are prone to cyber risks. So, try to get a higher score by following the app’s guidelines and taking their Netflix-styled cybersecurity awareness courses.

At first, you can see a low score, but you would have to wait for a few minutes so that the app finishes all the scans. Best of all, the app also checks that if data associated with your SAFE Me account is leaked online or being sold on the dark web.

Once you are logged in, the app starts performing device-level scans, i.e., check if you have proper device settings turned on or not. This could be different for both Android and iOS users. As I was using it on my iPhone, my settings already had green signals from the app.

Switch to the dark web exposure tab by tapping on the incognito icon, and here you will be able to find if your data is available on the dark web or not.

Luckily, my company’s email account wasn’t associated with any data breaches, but I found various issues with my personal one.

We use our emails to sign up for various websites. Some we use daily and some we use only a few times and then forget about it. But hackers are targeting all sorts of websites to gain personal data and sell it online.

The best part of the app is that it also notifies you if any websites that you have previously created an account on was affected by any data breach or not. For my email, I was able to find quite a few instances.

However, I haven’t added any credit card details on those websites (I usually don’t add it on any untrusted website). I am already using a password manager to keep strong passwords for the accounts that I create. Therefore, no action was required from my end.

But, if your case requires so, then immediately change the password and delete your account from those websites.

Lastly, you can explore several cyber awareness courses in the app, which are short and informative.

After completing a course, you will have to take a quiz to pass the exam. You may take any course at your will or even directly try the quizzes if you know about the topic.

What’s Next!

Cyber risk is real, and if you are not taking a pro-active approach, you are undoubtedly at higher risk. With cyber risk quantification, you take that first step and get ahead of hackers and start protecting your online identity more consciously.

Get started with SAFE Me app now to live more cyber consciously where privacy matters. From companies standpoint, the SAFE product is more scientific, but we will explore it later.

Till then, stay protected, stay safe!

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Nerd For Tech

NFT is an Educational Media House. Our mission is to bring the invaluable knowledge and experiences of experts from all over the world to the novice. To stay up to date on other topics, follow us on LinkedIn.

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