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Docker tutorial. Making first steps.

Continuous integration.

It is always hard to start something new. In this article I will introduce a main concept of docker and will give you a small list of commands that you need to know.

When we run a server on linux or windows we do not need every service that we have inside this operation system (OS). We need a small version of OS without UI with a couple of services in it. This small version of OS is portable and requires fewer resources on your PC.

Basically docker is a manager of those tiny virtual machines. Using a docker we can run a lot of virtual machines, stop, update etc.

Docker components

Docker engine is a docker that is installed on your PC.

Docker image

Imagine you need to install windows on your PC, what do you need? You need to have an image of a window system that you want on a CD or a flash driver. You could have different windows 7, 10 or vista. Each of them are on a different CD. That is a docker image.

Docker container

You have a CD now you can install OS on your PC. You can install a couple of different OS on your PC or can install the same version of OS a couple times. That is a container.

Docker file

Docker file is an image with specific OS and different programs in it.

Docker hub

In most cases we can use existing images. We just need to go on and find the right image. You need to have an account for using a docker hub.

We are done with theory it is time to instal docker and run some commands.

Docker app

Docker desktop has everything that we need for docker.

List of commands

Originally published at on March 4, 2021.

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