Don’t Forget These Points In Your DevOps Transformation

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9 min readMar 22, 2022

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DevOps is a working methodology, widely used today, combining good development (Dev) and operations (Ops) practices to continuously deliver value to customers. The adoption of this methodology generally requires a multi-level restructuring (human, process and technological).

To promote its adoption and therefore its implementation, it is important to take into consideration some important points in the DevOps transformation of your company.

Be Aligned With The Business Goals

DevOps, DecSecOps, MLOps, FinOps, etc are famous trends today. All these acronyms are beautiful on paper and make us want to apply them when we see their results in contexts outside our own. However, it is important to keep in mind that a DevOps transformation requires an investment of time, resources and money from the company. It is therefore normal for any company to first understand the benefits of this transformation. Tracking trends is not required to achieve revenue, so it is important to correlate the DevOps transformation goals with the business goals to ensure project adoption.

Encourage Team Collaboration

The success of a DevOps transformation is largely based on the collaboration of the different development, operations, security, etc teams in order to identify at the enterprise, team and process level (automation, deployment, communication, etc.) improvement points and jointly define a coherent roadmap in order to respond quickly to the identified needs of each. A culture of collaboration and good communication between team members leaves less chance of mistakes and failures.

Break the walls between the teams to spread the information, to make better decisions, to encourage a sense of belonging to an open-minded, efficient team in which sharing ideas is allowed and even encouraged.

Alone, you will go fast, together, you will go far.

Understand The Existing

This is important as it is not recommended to start a transformation without understanding how the business, teams and processes work. It is important to understand the existing in order to identify areas for improvement and the efforts…

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