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Enemy Health System Using Interfaces in Unity

I am working on a third-person survival shooter game. I have the shooting mechanic and the enemy chasing mechanics set up. Now it is time to give the enemies health and make them beatable.

To do this, I created an interface called IDamageable. This will work best because it will be able to work for the player's health system when I set that up. The interface has a Health variable and a Damage method.

Now I added this interface to the enemy and implemented the properties. I set the Health variable equal to the enemy's health variable. I created the Damage method to take away one point of health each time it is called and if health is zero the enemy will be destroyed.

Note: only code related to the interface is shown

Now I had to call the damage function when the enemy is hit. This is done in the shooting script I have set up. When the raycast is sent out I am looking for an enemy tag. If I find one I am getting a reference to that enemy’s interface and calling the damage function.

This gets the enemy health system working.



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