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Experts In Cryptocurrency: Best Crypto Books

Best crypto books to become an expert

Blockchain technologies are developing so fast that crypto is becoming more and more popular every day. Although not everyone today has a crypto wallet with a couple of BTC in their account, many people already understand everything when they hear someone talking about cryptocurrency. Crypto is taking over our consciousness through business, mass culture (movies, series, books) and non-fiction literature. In this article we’ll discuss interesting books about crypto that are worth your attention.

#1 ‘Digital Gold’ by Nathaniel Popper

In 2015, the American IT journalist from The New York Times, Nathaniel Popper, published a book describing the way of Bitcoin’s formation: from the idea of young enthusiasts to the largest financial sensation. Blockchain technology once made a breakthrough in the global economy, shaking up the stock market, and it’s time to introduce it to the masses.

The author paid special attention to the figure of the “father of the blockchain’ — Satoshi Nakamoto and his associates. Popper collected real quotes and comments from the first blockchain developers, their ideas and views on the new world. Everyone thinks this book is serious business literature that is hard to understand. But it’s not. It is written in simple words. So anyone familiar with Bitcoin will be fascinated by this book.

#2 ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency’ by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

Journalists created a book about crypto based on their current analytical materials. Daily reviews of the Crypto Universe and economy turned out to be a treasure for traders — it helps tracking global economic trends. This book is, in many ways, a forecast. The journalists believe that a new digital economic era is coming — a new reality for which we need to start preparing now.

#3 ‘Blockchain: blueprint for a new economy’ by Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan is a well-known figure in the Crypto World. She created the Institute for Blockchain Studies. Her book “Blockchain: blueprint for a new economy” quickly became a bestseller. It’s not a difficult read. On the contrary, the book is quite easy to understand. There you’ll learn how deep blockchain technology is involved in our life. Melanie Swan believes that it can be useful not just in the financial sector, and its introduction into the world of mass technologies can be called a revolutionary breakthrough.

#4 ‘How Money Got Free’ by Brian Patrick Eha

Freelance journalist, the editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, decided to create a book about Bitcoin. Eha worked for a business magazine for several years, where he studied cybersecurity and watched the rise of Bitcoin. His piece resonates with readers interested in crypto.

His book tells the story about the emergence and development of Bitcoin. It highlights the modern picture of the world digital economy, mistakes of major companies, legal proceedings, etc. According to Patrick Eha, money has found its freedom in the 21st century, but has people themselves become freer afterwards? Read and you’ll find it out.

#5 ‘Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World’ by Don Tapscott, Aleks Tapscott

The book is written by two well-known Canadian blockchain technology researchers. Don Tapscott is business consultant and CEO of the Tapscott Group. His son Alex Tapscott is a well-known Canadian crypto investor and a blockchain consultant. Together they created The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) in 2017.

The book describes the formation of the blockchain as the next element of scientific progress. Researchers believe that this technology, which combines anonymity and security, will eventually go beyond the financial world.

In order to be a successful trader, you have to know exactly what you are dealing with. Cryptocurrency has already come a long and rich way in less than 15 years of its existence. From an ambitious invention by a group of scientists to a fashionable IT trend, and then to a consumer product. If you would like to understand its basic principles and learn its history, then crypto books might be a good choice. If you have already read all the books above, then In this article you will find more books dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

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