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Fixing a Bug in my App

I am working on an insurance app with many UI elements. One UI element that is essential to the app working is the buttons. I had a bug where I could only click the sides of the buttons and not the middle.

I initially thought it had something to do with the text on the button so I tried turning off the raycast target for the text.

This did not fix the problem. I also realized that I did not have this problem on the menu panel. I then thought it might have something to do with panels interacting and blocking each other. I tried disabling the panels once the app was done with it.

This also did not solve the problem. The next thing I tried was starting the app from the panel that it goes to after clicking the first button.

Starting from this panel fixed the problem. Now I needed to figure out why. I realized that I forgot to enable the border panel that goes with this panel. Once I enabled it the problem came back.

Now I know the problem has something to do with the border panel. After looking at it for a couple of minutes I realized that the hitbox for the logo of the border extended down over the buttons.

After pulling the hitbox up and making sure it was not covering anything the buttons worked.




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