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Flutter Engage Recap

Hi everyone! On March 3rd, 2021 Google organized an event which name is Flutter Engage! The Flutter team had a great show again. It was a sensational event that showed the power and future of Flutter. I’m very excited to use these Flutter improvements in my projects.

Don't worry if you miss this event. I took some notes and I wanted to share the announcements, releases and news of this event from my perspective. Let’s start!

Flutter 2.0

Flutter 2.0 released. This is the major update for Flutter. With this version, Flutter focused on being Portable. Flutter is not just even mobile framework!

  • Flutter’s focus is being portable, which means you can publish your app Windows, macOS, Linux ,Web as well as Android and iOS.
  • gSkinner created the flutter app for all platforms which name is Flutter Folio. You can check it out!
  • Over 150.000 Flutter Apps published in the store.
  • 6000 issue closed!
  • GPay, is moved to Flutter and it has 150M active user montly.
  • Flutter supports for Foldable Phones.
  • Microsoft has been contributing to Flutter. Microsoft is expanding its support for Flutter and working with Google on Windows support for Flutter.
  • Flutter 2.0 supports embedded systems, Toyota developing apps with Flutter for cars.
  • Over 15.000 package published in
  • Firebase packages updated for Flutter 2.0
  • Flutter 2.0 include the beta version of Google Mobile Ads for Flutter, which is a new software development kit that works with Google’s AdMob and AdManager products and makes it possible to create various ad formats in Flutter apps

Flutter Web

Flutter For Web is now on the stable version.

I think, Flutter Web wasn’t so much fast and productive. Over the course of the last year or so, the team started working on what it calls Canvas Kit. This WebAssembly-based project takes the same Skia graphics engine that powers Android and Chrome itself and makes it available to web apps.

With Flutter 2.0, Flutter Web updated and performance improvement. Also, Web-specific features and widgets added with Flutter 2.0.

DartPad, has been updated to support Flutter 2, you can try the new null safe version of Flutter without leaving the comfort of your favorite browser.

You can see the websites which developed with Flutter Web.

Flutter Desktop

Flutter For Desktop is now on the stable version. One of the biggest news is Flutter is the default choice for future Ubuntu apps. Also, Ubuntu Installer developed with Flutter and they shared a Flutter Desktrop app which name is Yaru.


Dart provides the language and runtimes that power Flutter apps. Dart is portable, productive and robust.

Null safety is a major new productivity feature that helps you avoid null exceptions, a class of bugs that are often hard to spot. As an added bonus, this feature also enables a range of performance improvements. One of the biggest updates about Dart is, null safety is now part of Flutter!


Flutter Fix is the new tool that coming with Flutter 2.0. With this tool, you will be able to resolve warnings and errors automatically.

Null Safety migration tool helps to convert your app to null-safety.

With new Flutter Dev Tools you can find and fix UI errors on your IDE. Also, you can explore your app size and analyze it.

Flutter Dev Tools now available for VS Code and Android Studio


Flutter 2.0 came with tons of features! I think, with Flutter 2.0 we can say Flutter is not just even a Mobile SDK, you can build apps for all platforms using Flutter. Flutter 2.0 coming with a lot of tools, null-safety, stable multi-platform support and much more!

You can read it an official article for more details :

Thanks for reading…



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