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Forget packages for UI in your next Flutter App


Yeah, you read it right.

You are into flutter?
- Yes, I am. It is just great.

Are you willing to speed up your UI development process and focus on core logic?
- Yeah.

What do you do currently to speed up your development?
- Pre-made UI packages.

Are you happy with continuous ‘imports’ and explicit packages?
- Unfortunately, not.

There you are, so let us begin with the magic.
(Want to skip reading, head over to Flutter UI — Early Access)


  1. About
  2. Demo
  3. Visual Demo
  4. Resources


Flutter UI widgets, built for any project
Utilize 15+ pre-made Flutter code snippets assisting with both design and functionality. Save hundreds of hours in development time, all with 0 dependencies.

Highlighted Features:

  • Save hours of development time by using prebuilt widgets.
  • All with 0 dependencies; Just copy, paste, and it’s in!

Current Available Sections :

  1. Full Apps
    - UI of apps for e-commerce, social media, clones.
  2. Widgets
    - To integrate with your existing app
  3. Screens
    - Common Screens required for majority of applications
  4. Utility
    - Utility Code & Widgets

Developed by Zachery Gentry

Twitter : Zachery Gentry (@zacherygentry) / Twitter

DEMO — AirBnb Clone (Featured)

Exploring with a four-fold methodology

  1. Create a new Flutter Project
    - Use any editors as per your choice. After creating the project, you can structure your project files and folders that suit you, with no constraint as such.
  2. New .dart file
    Add a .dart file which will help in keeping the code clean. This is the file where our ‘magic’ code goes in.
  3. Head over to Flutter UI
    There are various categories, select ‘AirBnb Clone’ under the ‘Full Apps’ section. Click on Copy Code and now we have a whole app on our clipboard (isn’t it fascinating)
  4. Paste and RUN
    - Paste the copied code in the new .dart file, place the widget named AirbnbClone() as per your requirement. (For most cases at ‘home’ of the MaterialApp.)

Visual Demo

Creating a new Flutter Project
New .dart file

NOTE- Use this resource wisely and make sure you have your concepts clear. Blind copy-pasting without understanding is foolishness.

Flutter UI Website
Code copied to clipboard
Pasting it in newly created .dart file
Replacing MyHomePage() with AirbnbClone()
Working Demo by Founder — Zachery Gentry

Get Extra 15% off on your Early-Access Purchase

Use the coupon at checkout — Flutter UI — Code Snippets for Flutter Apps




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