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Game assets via Filebase | Unity

A quick guide about how to introduce game assets from Filebase in Unity

Objective: Introduce game assets from Filebase in our project with Unity.

In the last post I covered how to upgrade a project to use the Universal Render Pipeline with Unity. Now, it’s time to introduce some game assets from Filebase to keep building our project.

Current stage

To start, let’s take a look at the current stage of our game. We have several platforms and a player (with a character controller) represented by a capsule:

So, in order to keep building our game, let’s find a character model within Filebase to stop using a simple capsule.

Using Filebase

Filebase is a tool that provides a library with high-quality assets without needing to spend thousands of dollars on your game. Filebase was created by GameDevHQ and we can access it using a Unity plugin that we can find in this site:

In this page you’ll be able to see all the benefits that Filebase offers when subscribing to the service and, if you find it useful like I do, then you’ll have to download the Unity package by pressing the next button:

Once downloaded, all you have to do to use Filebase is import the package to your project by executing it with the Unity editor open. And now, once imported, we’ll be able to see a Filebase tab at the top where we can open a window with the Filebase interface:

Then, in the Filebase interface, we’ll be able to log in at the top right and check the different game assets that we’re able to use in our Unity projects:

Importing game assets

So, let’s say that I want a model to replace the capsule that represents my player. To do it, I can click on the 3D character assets and then press on the download button hen I choose one:

This will prompt a window to enter my credentials if I’m not logged at the moment to verify that I can use the asset I chose:

If my membership isn’t allowed to use this asset then this message will be prompted:

Otherwise, it will prompt a window to import the respective assets into our project:

Once the model is imported, let’s remove the mesh renderer from the capsule and create a new empty child to store the model of the player:

Then, in order to use the model, let’s just drag the respective prefab from the folder into the empty gameobject:

Once dragged, the model will be ready to use as our player:

As we can see in the next gif, the game asset contains animations too. So, that demonstrates how easy is to get high-quality assets into our project by using Filebase:

And that’s it, we introduced game assets from Filebase in our project! :D. I’ll see you in the next post, where I’ll be showing how to animate our player with Unity.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or visit my website :D



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