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Getting Started with AWS for Unity

To get started with using AWS for Unity you can go to the documentation for the prerequisites for using AWS.

You will need to have an AWS account so you will need to sign in or follow the link to create your account.

Once you are signed in or have created your account you can click the link to download the zip file containing the packages you need to use AWS.

You can create a new folder in your files and unpack the zip file that you downloaded.

I will be using the AWSSDK.S3. To do this you will import a custom package in your unity project. Find the package you want to download in the AWS file you created and open and import the package to unity.

With the package installed create a new empty game object called the AWS_Manager. You will attach a new C# script called AWS Manager to the game object.

You will open the script and use the Amazon namespace to initialize AWS using the void Awake method.

The last thing to do is to set up a new identity pool using Amazon Cognito. Click the link in the documentation to get started.

Click the manage Identity Pools button.

Click create new identity pool.

You will create a name and decide if you want to allow unauthenticated accounts to have access.

Create the pool and allow access to the unauthenticated and authenticated accounts.

Once you allow you will be ready to start using the AWS services in Unity.




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