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Getting Started With Numpy

Table of Contents —

  • Creating high dimensional NumPy array
  • NumPy operations
  • Indexing
  • Stats with NumPy

👉Also, I make a YouTube video on this for your better understanding.

Go Ahead! and watch.

Installation —

  • As NumPy is an external library. So we will install it first.
> pip install numpy
> import numpy as np

For more in-detail codes on NumPy, you can refer to my GitHub repository.

1. Creating high dimensional NumPy array —

  • In this portion, I will tell you how to create several types of high-dimensional NumPy arrays.

2. NumPy Operations —

arr1 = np.random.rand(3, 4)
arr2 = np.random.rand(3, 4)
#creating 3*4 numpy array
  • Numpy includes some of the operations like add, subtract, sin, cos, etc.

3. Indexing

Indexing refers to take out some part from the array. This can be done in several ways.

4. Stats with Numpy

NumPy offers a great range of statistical functions like mean, median, percentile, etc.

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