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Hidden Shortcuts to Making Level Design Easier

Objective: Use shortcuts to help make level designing easier

In this article, I will share with you three shortcuts you can use when creating environments that will help you make them faster and easier.

  1. Using the control key when moving and rotating objects. When you normally move or rotate objects they move in small increments as shown below
Moving Objects

When you hold down the Ctrl Key while moving or rotating an object quarter increments which will help you be more precise especially when trying to line up more than one object. This is demonstrated below.

Using Ctrl Key When Moving Objects

2. Using the Ctrl key and D key to select and duplicate more than one object at a time. An example of this would be creating a floor with multiple titles. I will demonstrate this below. Holding the Ctrl key will allow you to select multiple objects then while holding the Ctrl key press the D key to duplicate the object or objects. Then while still holding the Ctrl Key you can move them into place.

Building a Floor

3. Use the Snap to Vertex feature by holding the V Key and moving the Mouse Pointer to the Vertex you want to use then hold down the Left Mouse button and drag to the Vertex you want to snap to. I will demonstrate this by building a wall for our floor.

Using Vertex Snapping

Hope these Shortcuts will help you when designing and building new levels.

Happy Coding!!!!!




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