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How Data Labeling Service Fuels Intelligent Fitness in 2021?

Intelligent Fitness Listed Company

Recently, the second intelligent fitness listed company has come into the world. Beachbody, which was sponsored by superstars such as James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Cindy Crawford, has a successful IPO not long ago.

In addition to Peloton and Beachbody, as well as Mirror, which was acquired by Lululemon, there are also many smart fitness talents, such as Tonal, Tempo, Hydro, Grit EPIQ, Fightcamp, VAHA, and so on, which attract Sharapova, James, Curry, Tyson, and many other sports stars to become partners.

Intelligent Fitness Has Become a New Industrial Outlet in the World

Since the world has entered the era of epidemic normalization, the development of home-based fitness has accelerated its path. According to relevant market research online, the scale of the global intelligent fitness market will reach US $42.8 billion in the next five years. Considering that there are only two or three listed companies in this market, there is still plenty of opportunity for the new forces. This is also the reason why top capital is willing to invest a lot for Tonal, Tempo, and FITURE.

At the same time, American technology giants have begun to target this considerable emerging market. Among FAAMNG, Apple, Amazon, and Google have launched the layout in the field of intelligent fitness. It is reported that Apple is currently investigating the hardware market, and has increased the recruitment scale of employees in the fitness field, providing a new foundation for the Apple One ecology.

In addition, Amazon, which has experienced the ups and downs of many hardware products such as Kindle, Fire phone, Echo, and Halo, seems to have an unprecedented interest in hardware after investing in Tonal. Recently, Amazon launched the recruitment of the people in charge of fitness, which seems not far from becoming players.

Some fitness experts pointed out that although intelligent fitness has brought new solutions and potentially lucrative space, the essence of the fitness industry is service, and its experience depends on the content. However, the output capacity of high-quality content is not available in a short time. In this regard, Mr. Zhang, co-founder, and President of FITURE, has expressed a similar view. He believes that the competition among manufacturers in the intelligent fitness track will involve hardware, software, AI, content, community, service, retail, brand, and other aspects, and any shortcut will cause a bad experience. Obviously, the competition is very high, even for those technology giants who have just entered or are about to enter the market. FITURE has some differentiation advantages of its “hardware + content + service + AI” mode.

AI Mode

The technical team of FITURE spent one and a half years to self-develop the FITURE Motion Engine ™ Intelligent motion tracking system. At present, the system has reached the L4 level of intelligent fitness and can realize the functions of motion capture, real-time error correction, data analysis, etc. The feedback delay is 300–400 Ms. At the same time, FITURE continues to enrich AI system with fitness data set and presents customized intelligent fitness services for users in combination with exclusive nutrition and health consultant. With the continuous application of strong AI technology, FITURE is also trying to make its intelligent motion tracking system close to the L5 level.

It is not difficult to see that with its original mode, FITURE has certain differentiation advantages in technology research and development, self-made content, and other aspects, and can even compete with Tempo and Tonal in the global market.

Data — New Core Competitive Advantage

With the acceleration of the commercialization of AI and the application of AI technologies such as assisted driving and customer service chatbot in all walks of life, the expectation of data quality in the special scenarios is getting higher and higher. High-quality labeled data would be one of the core competitiveness of AI companies.

If the general datasets used by the previous algorithm model are coarse grains, what the algorithm model needs at present is a customized nutritious meal. If companies want to further improve certain model’s commercialization, they must gradually move forward from the general dataset to create the unique one.

Common Labeling Types in Smart Fitness

  • Object Detection
  • Tagging & Tracking for people who exercise
  • Gesture Recognition

More info: Eight Common Data Annotation and Labeling Tools


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