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How is the UAE all set to become a Blockchain startups hotspot so quickly?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have been growing rapidly since their existence. In fact, during the pandemic, their popularity has been seeing a surge among big companies and investors. Currently, many institutional and retail businesses are actively seeking a better funding source. It is because the risk of inflation is more prevalent during these times. As per the blockchain expert group, inflation does not affect the value of cryptocurrency, and investors can be totally safe despite the economic condition of their country.

However, volatility is the issue that prevents major industries from fully adopting blockchain-based crypto coins as reliable funding sources. However, countries like UAE seem to show adequate faith in these two innovations as blockchain-based startups are rising in the area. So, let us explore more about what’s happening in the UAE regarding blockchain and crypto coins.

Why is the UAE the hotspot for blockchain startups?

In other parts of the world, there’s been a lack of corporations to take on blockchain and cryptocurrencies actively. However, use cases of resolving real-world issues might make them come together. And that is what the UAE is observing. The country has been lending user-friendly frameworks for blockchain and cryptocurrencies start-ups. And due to unhesitant support and cooperation, UAE has come very far in this journey. Due to this, demand for blockchain course online programs is also reaching heights.

So, if you want to be a blockchain developer, then this is the right time to get started on this path. As blockchain networks work without any bondage of geographic locations, you can remotely work as a blockchain expert.

Aside from this, the combination of current regulations and a text-free business framework make the region a perfect place to leverage blockchain technology. Moreover, Abu Dhabi international market has been operating a central free zone in UAE to establish a regulatory system for virtual properties.

How does Abu Dhabi’s international market empower the blockchain market?

The international market provides a licensing regime for crypto-based businesses. Here, the regime corresponds to the system for digital securities options, multilateral exchanges, and digital asset custodians. Additionally, it also supplies digital settlement amenities to offer clearance to sell and buy crypto assets. Take up a verified blockchain certification course to learn in-depth about blockchain technology and its best practices for enterprises.

Digital securities settlements

The SCA or Securities and Commodities Authority of the UAE has issued some pointers and regulations on crypto assets. Here, the regulation showcases the certainty of blockchain-based initiatives. Furthermore, it has been opening up new options for blockchain-powered startups that want to run business in the UAE.

One of the examples of such supportive regulations is the license issue by DMCC or Dubai Multi Commodities Middle. The DMCC issues Unique Buying and Selling License and Distributed Ledger Expertise Service Supplier License of cryptographic merchandise for companies that want to connect with them.

Suggestions by The Monetary Motion Activity Drive (FATF)

The FATF has been issuing new suggestions for VASPs ( digital property and digital asset service suppliers). Here, the regulator has put its focus on protocols that are based on DeFi. It states that even if the protocols are decentralized, if an industrial hyperlink is present between the DeFi answer supplier and authorized entity, then they will be part of VASP.

Further, many regulators might follow these suggestions as national regulations. Due to this, DeFi will turn from a vast unregulated sector to a regulated sector in a quick manner. Hence, these moves by UAE authorities are revolutionary for the crypto world.

Furthermore, we might see the crypto and blockchain trade running as a regulated framework similar to existing industries and sectors. Moreover, the need for blockchain corporations to need proper compliance drives the implementation of such suggestions. Also, it solidifies the framework for investors’ safety for retail buyers. Because of such growth in blockchain, individuals with blockchain certification are highly in demand by companies.

Closing Thoughts

From the development in the space of crypto and blockchain in countries like the UAE, we can deem that these advancements are going to stay for longer. UAE already has all the potential to become one of the central hubs for thriving blockchain-based companies. In fact, serving as a free zone is already fulfilling needs for investors and buyers of crypto and blockchain.

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