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How to build your LinkedIn Profile to get lots of Job Offers

As you can see, I’ve gotten offers in Software Development, Full-Stack Engineering, and Machine Learning. Without having to lift a finger

This is their CEO, reaching out to me directly with an interview offer. I share all the recruiter/hiring contacts I come across (including this one)on my Twitter and Instagram, so make sure you follow me there to come across job offers.
My newsletter is the best in the game for a reason. Don’s miss out on it.
So what is this magic, and how can you start using it? Let’s get into this.

Leveraging Platforms

  1. There are tons of recruiters looking for engineers. They load up their LinkedIn and other hiring platforms to look for the candidates. If there wasn’t a huge demand for software developers, the huge recruiting industry would not exist. Plain and Simple.
  2. Companies hate false positives. They would rather not hire someone over hiring a bad developer. This is why they can be so ruthless in their hiring process.
  3. The reason you’re not getting interviews is because of the competition in online applications. Since there is such a large volume, you will get cut for very arbitrary reasons, often through no fault of your own.
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Skills and Endorsements

The skill assessments are a game-changer.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

  1. Your Profile Picture should be well-lit, show your face clearly, and be professional. It doesn’t need to be model-tier, just not terrible. So don’t worry if you aren’t blessed with my good looks.
  2. Your banner should represent what you are. Mine is a simple black background with my Medium Link, and the text “Machine Learning and Tech, Made Simple for All.”

About Section

Elevator Pitch

Notice the motifs that appear everywhere. For me it is Math, ML, and Theoretical CS. Figure out your strengths.

Career Summary

Notable Achievements


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