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How to Classify Data Without Markup

“I think we need to reduce the feature space”

Classification without markup

Dimensionality reduction


Input data

Classification accuracy

  • On the horizontal are the classes predicted by our method.
  • The proper classes are shown vertically.
  • The intersection cells show the number of objects that satisfy two conditions.
Ones classified as sixes
Correctly classified sixes

In conclusion

  • Approved: images are placed in the collective section of the application;
  • Not suitable: images are not displayed in the general feed but remain in the user’s feed (girls in swimsuits and men in swimming trunks, selfies, and anything that is not memes);
  • Risked: images are banned and no longer available to any iFunny users (racism, pornography, dismemberment, and anything that falls under the definition of “illegal content”).



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