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How to Create an Online Payment Gateway Clone Website Like Paypal?

The world is rapidly moving towards becoming a cashless economy. With the advent of payment websites like PayPal, sending and receiving money in real-time using multiple payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and so on.

Online payment makes transactions fast, safe & reliable and offers businesses great support. Now global payments have become a very common thing for many of us.


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Payal is a worldwide accepted online payment system used by almost every business owner. Competitors are striving hard to create a payment gateway clone app script of Paypal.

It is one of the well-celebrated peer-to-peer online payment systems currently on the market.

With PayPal becoming a new norm of online payment systems, many people are wondering what it takes to create an online payment gateway clone website like PayPal.

#Steps to Build a Payment Website like PayPal

If creating a payment website like PayPal seems interesting to you, then go through the following steps to build your app successfully.

1.Defining Project Scope

The project scope defines how you want to develop your online payment gateway.

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It includes the app development platform whether you want to build it for Android, iOS, or Hybrid.

You can also decide the features that you want to incorporate with your PayPal clone app.

You must include some essential features such as merchant account and balance reporting.

You can also give it a try at features like push notification, and CRM features to maintain a proper relationship between merchant and customers.

2.Choose an Appropriate SDLC Model

SDLC or software development life cycle plays a vital role in creating an online payment gateway clone website like PayPal.

If you have less or no knowledge of the online payment gateway services, then we suggest you follow the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) targeting one particular location.

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This way you will be able to get real feedback from your targeted audiences, hence you can make appropriate changes to enhance the usability of the PayPal clone app.

3.Plan the Right Development Approach

You can either consider PaaS (Platform as a Service) or MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) for developing the right online payment website or mobile application.

You can also implement features such as online payments, ID verification, CRM, push notification, to further enhance the value of online payment gateway clone websites like PayPal.

You can also give a thought to Integrated Development Environment (IDES) and frameworks to expedite the project to a great extent. Also, make your product future-ready by implementing the app with the scope of changes. ‘

4. Hire an Efficient Scrum Team

For those who are unaware of the name Scrum, it is a technique used to develop such applications. Hire a proficient team of developers with hands-on knowledge of building a clone app similar to PayPal. ‘

Build a team combining people from different expertise such as business analysts, UI designers, web developers, Android developers, and so on.

5. Code, Test or Deploy the Web or Android App

As the next step, code the PayPal clone with the highly secure code. You need to choose powerful and feature-rich programming languages such as Kotlin to ensure fast development and smooth working of the application.

After that, test the web or Android app like PayPal thoroughly to check where the app lacks.

Once the testing process is completed, you can proceed to deploy the app on a suitable platform so users can download and benefit from the application.

The Final Take

This is how to create an online payment gateway clone website like PayPal. In the forthcoming days, the development process of PayPal would be streamlined to more simplicity.

But as of now, the development process seems complicated and time-consuming, hence you need to build a roadmap before developing your payment gateway clone.



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