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How to find the right Blockchain development company?

Blockchain technology fosters innovative business operations in various industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain and many more. With every passing day, Blockchain is growing higher and getting more mature. Many big firms like Walmart and Pfizer have adopted the Blockchain technology and in the future, more companies will rush towards its adoption. In such a scenario, where a plethora of Blockchain development companies is available, it becomes challenging to find the right suitable Blockchain development company for your project.

The correct methodology to find the best Blockchain development company is provided here:

Step 1: Primary research

  • Begin your search with Google. Among the number of options that Google resulted, look for the relevant companies and list down their details.
  • Conduct a local survey, communicate with experienced people and learn from their experiences. This step will provide the required boost to your search in the right direction.
  • Try to collect references and suggestions from experts. Based on gathered references, perform the required research in companies’ portfolios and profiles. Analyze the specific domain they work on, their previous work and their knowledge, expertise and skills in the required technology stack. Also, try to find and analyze the companies’ current projects.
  • Regular visits to the social media platforms of the listed companies can also reveal many essential aspects about the companies. Check out insights, blog posts and other relevant information on every media platform possible. It will help you understand companies’ work approach and their viewpoint.
  • Make sure to identify the software development methodology being followed in the companies. A company working with agile software development methodology is supposed to provide the absolute standard of excellence.

Step 2: Technological research

  • Identify the technology stack with which the companies are working. It is the most crucial step as it reveals the technical expertise and experience of the team.
  • A Blockchain development company must have the knowledge and working experience with programming languages like Node.js, Stencil.js, Javascript, Solidity and Go.
  • Along with languages, Blockchain development tools like Caliper, Metamask, Composer, etc., is also necessary.
  • The work approach of a company is analyzed through the project management tools and strategies followed by the company. Tools such as Slack, Github, Confluence and Jira bring absolute transparency to the system.

Step 3: Contact and Hire

  • Once you have shortlisted the companies based on your requirements, companies’ portfolios and their work experience, the time is to contact those shortlisted companies and interview them for detailed specifications.
  • During the conversation, be clear with your requirements and describe your project’s needs and scope in detail.
  • Discuss the budget clearly and ensure that there is no scope for surprise investments.


When numerous options are available, it becomes challenging to choose the right fit Blockchain development company. It needs a significant investment of time and research to reach the final decision. The basic steps mentioned above will guide you and help you find the Blockchain development company that perfectly matches your requirements.

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