How to make a many-to-many video meeting web app with just ten lines of code

Abaan Shanid
Nerd For Tech
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1 min readDec 13, 2020

I always wanted to make a meeting app, but it was complicated for me to make it using WebRTC and all the backend and stuff. Then after hours of googling, I finally found out a simple way to make a web app for meetings!

Basically, this is the code:

I think the code is self-explanatory, you can check out the API docs if you want to know more.

Using this you can make a web app with literally 10 lines of code! The API docs are available here

This is the link to their official site

You can check out the API docs and can add more features like screen sharing and much more!

By the way I am working on a web app using this API, here’s the link:

Happy coding!

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