3 ways to stay up to date as a developer

Natig Babayev
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3 min readJul 4, 2021

Staying up to date and knowing what is happening in the industry is essential for a mobile developer. In this article, I will discuss how you can stay up to date as a mobile developer.

Official Documentations

You have probably heard about reading official documentation a lot, but I can’t stress its importance on staying up to date. You certainly do not need to go through every documentation and learn them by heart. You can check changelogs for upcoming new features or changes and act if required. If the changes somehow affect your future work in the project you work on, you can dive deeper and learn more. Besides knowing what is new in the frameworks, you will know upcoming policy changes by browsing official documentations so that your app won’t be rejected on Google Play Store or App Store. Imagine that you had a fantastic idea that needs the specific permission from users that won’t be available from the following version of the OS. That would suck a lot… So, make sure you check the documentation of the frameworks at least every three months.

Follow Newsletters

Reading articles is another best way of learning new concepts. However, as a developer, I may not always have time to browse websites like Medium or find good content creators. Therefore, I find subscribing to newsletters valuable because they handpick useful new articles, libraries, podcasts, upcoming events, etc. This saves a lot of time and helps me discover new content creators. Another benefit of newsletters is that they usually send an email once a week, which is nice. One of my favorite newsletters is Mobile Developers Cafe which combines Android, iOS, and cross-platform development-related articles, tools, books, and events. In addition, I also follow newsletters such as Android Weekly and Kotlin Weekly to check out more Android and Kotlin specific content. If you like a daily newsletter, I can suggest a TLDR newsletter, including some programming-related content. So try to research and find the newsletter in your niche and follow them because it’ll save you tons of time, and you will learn a lot.


Following and going to conferences will give you a networking opportunity and help you stay up to date or learn new…

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