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How To Upgrade to Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline

This article will show how to upgrade an existing project in Unity to the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). The URP can be used for all platforms and designed to be more resource-efficient out of the box than the default Built-in Render Pipeline while still delivering great graphics.

In the project you want to upgrade to the Universal Render Pipeline, open the Package Manager window, change the Packages dropdown to Unity Registry, then search for Universal RP and click Install.

You will notice that nothing has changed in the scene. We need to create a Universal Render Pipeline Asset and assign it to be the Scriptable Rendering Pipeline in the Project Settings under the Graphics tab. After doing this, everything in the scene will become pink. Don’t worry. That is supposed to happen. It is Unity telling you that the materials are not set up for the new Pipeline.

You can go through each material one by one and change them over to the URP. But, if you are using the standard shaders that came with Unity and not custom shaders, you can use a handy tool to update them all at once.

The default material applied to created 3D objects in the Built-in Render Pipeline will not update because you can not edit that material. If your project uses custom shaders that are not compatible with URP, you can .

The Universal Render Pipeline Asset is where you can access the settings for the Render Pipeline. For more information on the settings, you can see the .

Now your project is fully upgraded to the Universal Render Pipeline.



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