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How To Upgrade Your Project to URP in Unity

Now that we have a good idea on how to create a bunch of features for a platformer style game, let’s start working with some assets so we can get into some more specific features that work better when we have something to work with. This includes character animations along with grabbing onto ledges and pulling yourself up.
With the assets I will be using, I will have to add in URP, or Universal Render Pipline. As to what URP is, as per Unity it is as follows:

In order to make use of this, we first need to install it onto our project. To get it, we simply go to the package manager and search for it there:

Once we have it install, we need to add it to our project tab:

We just have to simply create a new rendering object. Finally, all that is left to do it change our graphics settings around so that we can make use of this rendering system:

Now that we have our game set up with URP, we can now look to add in additional features to the game, and eventually look at creating a large course to play around in.



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