Image Annotation Service-Smart Cars Drivable Area Segmentation Project

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Overview of Annotation Requirements

(1)When there are mismatches, black blocks, blurred, and other damaged scenarios in the image, don't label them

(2)For the intersection area, if the ego vehicle passes the stop line, skip the image; If the ego vehicle does not pass the stop line, the driving area should be labeled as normal

(3)When the ego vehicle turns around at the intersection, don't label the driving area

(4)When the ego vehicle is completely in the service station or in the gas station, don't label the driving area

(5)The interior of the diversion line needs to be labeled as the diversion line area

(6)No need to label the drivable areas of non-motorized lanes

(7)Only label the drivable area in the same direction

(8) The area that can be labeled in ONE polygon should not be divided into two. Try to keep a whole and complete area

(9) When the obstacle is less than 60 pixels, it does not need to be labeled, and it can be directly labeled as the driving area. The nearby roadside obstacles still need to be bypassed, and cannot be judged by the size of 60 pixels

(10)For small areas, do not box those with less than 225 pixels

(11)The drivable area should be labeled until the road edge. If there is no road edge on either the main road or the auxiliary road, label according to the dividing line of the main road, the areas outside the dividing line do not need to be labeled

(12)All roads within the same lane and within the curb shall be labeled

(13)When the ego vehicle is near the diversion line, the drivable area is labeled wherever the lane line is labeled

(14) Don’t need to label the drivable areas inside isolation piers and traffic cones.

Rules for Labeling Driveable Areas

1、Label the outline of the actual road (road edge).

2、Obstacles on the road need to be circumvented. As a whole, the hollowed-out parts of the obstacle do not be labeled. A distant obstacle that cannot be seen clearly and cannot be separated can be labeled as a whole.

3、The area that can be annotated as a whole shall be annotated as a whole (if the driving area cannot be annotated with one area, the obstacle in the way should be bypassed and annotated in two areas)

Special Cases

1、Images without normal road surfaces do not need to be annotated

2、The damaged ground can be labeled as the drivable area edge

3、 Regarding guardrail labeling, it is necessary to match the outline of the guardrail, and the area where the vehicle cannot drive past does not need to be labeled

4、Mobile guardrails or fixed guardrails should be labeled in the same way as to label the curb


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