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Industrial Robotics Trends for 2022

Over the past few decades, robots have transformed from expensive industrial exhibitions to workhorses of everyday work. From life sciences to electronics and from food to consumer goods manufacturing, we’ve seen more and more industries adopting robots. This owes a great deal to new flexibility, better machine vision, and the wider availability of robots.

At the same time, the ongoing development, such as AI integration and agile design, has picked up speed over the past two years. And new pressures from changing worker availability, supply chain disruption, and constant pandemic concerns are placing a higher demand on UR robots.

Here are some prospects of industrial robots and shows they will impact the industrial sector in this year.

The Rise of Maintenance Robots

Maintenance is one of the most important tasks on any industrial site, offering us opportunities to predict and prevent failures.

As maintenance tasks are repetitive in nature, it is perfect for robots to work on them. In addition, artificial intelligence tools in these advanced machines can help promote maintenance to a higher level, moving from human-centered activities to more highly autonomous ones. As time goes on, AI and robotics may shift maintenance from a “best practice” preventative checklist to a more proactive prediction based on regular data analysis to identify potential problems — more in “fixing the problem before it occurs”.

Robots as a Service

In the past, it was a limiting factor for small companies to add robotics to their manufacturing workshops. But now with the booming everything-as-a-service, this issue has been addressed.

Not every company can afford to hire the workers it needs to support industrial robotics, especially when manufacturing faced its biggest crisis in decades. Now, however, companies can enjoy robotic process automation through RaaS without worrying about ownership.

Robotic equipment is not purchased outright but leased. Rental services typically include monitoring, analysis, and preventive maintenance. This brings about many benefits, including reduced up-front capital and the ability to redesign as demands change.

Collaborative Robots Replace Human Workers

With economic recovery, some jobs will be permanently replaced by robots. These new robot workers are often faster and more efficient than humans.

Are these trends worth our attention? Some people will think so. But robots are unlikely to eliminate the need for humans at a time when the number of available laborers fails to meet the demand. Instead, the expectation remains that robots would take over tedious and dangerous jobs, while their human colleagues would take on tasks with higher value.

Research by the World Economic Forum suggests that by 2025, machines will finish more work than humans. However, this robotics revolution will also produce 58 million new jobs for the global economy. As UR robots improve in speed, accuracy, and collaboration, they will be preferred by any industry in the future. In fact, they can also safely work alongside humans. They will become mainstream robots in the industry.

More Labeled Data is Needed

At present, the demand for the highest quality AI training data in various industries is urgent. AI is implemented in various fields, such as education, law, intelligent driving, banking, finance, etc. Each field has requirements for subdivision and specialization.

From the perspective of the research direction of artificial intelligence technology, whether in the field of traditional machine learning or deep learning, supervised learning based on training data is still a major model training method. Especially in the field of deep learning, more labeled data is needed to improve the effectiveness of the model.


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