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Interhaptics at the Smart Haptics 2021 in San Diego on the 1st & 2nd December

Smart Haptics 2021 Event

The two-day Smart Haptics 2021 event is a technical conference focused on the commercialization of haptic technology. The theme for 2021 is: Tomorrow’s Technology Buzzes Today — The Expanding World of Haptics.

Interhaptics and experts from across the supply chain come together at this event to put together a balanced, informative and exciting program. The speakers are: Microsoft, Ford, Toyota Research Institute, Lofelt, Boréas Technologies Inc., XPRIZE, Sensel, Inc., Ultraleap, Interhaptics, NewHaptics, Haptics Industry Forum, MMT, Nanoport Technology Inc., CuteCurcuit, Tanvas and many more others.

As the first industry driven haptics conference, Smart Haptics is the leading industry event dedicated to exploring the innovative solutions and emerging technologies that are redefining the future of tactual perception, touch feedback technology, and how haptic technologies are changing the ways in which we interpret and interact with our world — and each other.

With Interhaptics as an important member of the Haptics Club, Interhaptics offers you -15% reduction on the Smart Haptics event in San Diego with the code : HAPTICSCLUB2021

Deep dive in haptics landscape

The ongoing development and production of haptic technology enables accessibility-minded solutions and innovative ways of interacting with and understanding our world. By providing a forum dedicated to this industry, this event encourages industry collaboration and a platform to facilitate important and insightful conversations about emerging haptic applications and haptics iphone and android, up-and-coming developments and trends, the challenges of bringing a product to market, and the future of haptics in our rapidly-advancing, technologically-minded world.

The conference brings together Smithers years of expertise in business intelligence, extensive event experience, and neutrality that will help expand your knowledge on:

  • The future of the haptics industry
  • Advancements in automotive haptics
  • The latest haptic developments for AR/VR/XR
  • Recent innovations in mobile device haptics specifically haptics android and iphone
  • Haptic applications in health and wellness technologies

This program offers firsthand information on key market drivers and emerging opportunities. Topics include current trends, multimodal haptics, advancements in actuator technology, wellness and health, gaming and haptics android and iphone, the expansion of XR, automotive haptics, the future of the industry, and more.

The displayed panels encourage group discussion and problem solving. Panels include: The Importance of Accessibility in VR / MR, with Interhaptics, XR Association and Equal Entry, The Future of Automotive Technology, with Grewus, Ford, Toyota, Ultraleap and Moving Magnet Technologies, and the industry and SDOs — We Need Both, with Haptics Industry Forum and Nanoport Technology Inc.

The automotive panel will discuss the future of haptic automotive technology — new products, technologies and innovations.

Interhaptics at the Smart Haptics 2021 event — 1st December

At 11am on the 1st December, Eric Vezzoli, Interhaptics founder and CEO will moderate the panel : Haptics Standard Ascendant. This panel will include :

This panel will be around the haptics standardization. Now many organizations working to define haptic standards including Khronos, IEEE, MPEG, HIF, and more.

Over the past year, many of these initiatives have made significant progress. This panel will feature panelists contributing directly to those projects who will provide an overview of the various initiatives.

Audiences will learn:

  • The technologies and markets addressed by the initiatives, and their key goals
  • Why now, Recent achievements, current challenges, and upcoming milestones
  • How to participate

Find full program here.

Interhaptics partners at the Smart Haptics 2021 event — 1st December

At 12 :15 pm, you will be able to follow our partner Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D. , Professor of Marketing at IDRAC Business School.

Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D. will discuss about Haptic technologies: enabling an e-human touch for hybrid retailing.

Today’s shopping environment includes hybrid interactions from physical to virtual places. In this context, acknowledging the importance of sense for marketing, brands need to understand how they can reach out to consumer’s senses for product online shopping — How can a brand meet the need for sensory stimulation when shopping with mobile devices, particularly for experiential goods, and when the access to the physical product is highly restricted before purchase?

This presentation will dive into this question, and the fact that, if there would be haptic rendering technology enabling texture-like sensations in relation with the product haptic cues during a real-time interaction, would this enable consumers to better process product information? Dr. Margot Racat will explore this and so much more, having you left with contemplating the thought that technologies may be leading us towards new experiences of touch that we have yet to discover.

Find full program here.

Interhaptics at the Smart Haptics 2021 event — 1st December

Eric Vezzoli will also have a talk at 1:30pm on the 2nd December about the the Importance of Accessibility in VR/MR. He will be accompanied by:

  • Laura Chadwick — Senior Director, Industry Relations, XR Association
  • Thomas Logan — Founder and CEO, Equal Entry

This panel will explore the need for more accessibility in virtual reality/mixed reality with experts both within the world of haptics and outside of it. Closed captions will be used for this panel.

Find full program here.

About Interhaptics?

Interhaptics is a software company specialized in haptics. Interhaptics provides hand interactions and haptic feedback development and deployment tools for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), mobile as haptics android and iphone, augmented reality (AR), and console applications. Interhaptics’ mission is to enable the growth of a scalable haptics ecosystem. Interhaptics strives to deliver top-notch development tools for the VR/MR/AR, mobile as haptics android and iphone, and console developer community, and the interoperability of haptics-enabled content across any haptics-enabled platform.



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Interhaptics is a development suite designed to build and create realistic human like interactions as well as haptics feedback for 3D application in XR