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Internship Experience — Oracle India

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I was pretty delighted after receiving an internship offer from Oracle at the beginning of my junior year. I always have had a little bit of an emotional attachment to Java since it was the first programming language I ever learned, and the opportunity of working at a company that owns the language was like a dream come true. Thus on May 19, 2021, began one of the most remarkable summers of my life so far 😅.

The Beginning

Things were a little different than what I had expected because of the pandemic, and we had to settle for work from home. However, all of us got a very warm welcome over Zoom on the first day. The only thing that bothered me was that, unlike everyone else, I was somewhat casually dressed 😝.

The internship mode was work from home due to the ongoing pandemic

In the first week, we had interactions with managers, mentors, onboarding formalities, training sessions, project introduction, team divisions, and so on. I already had some industrial exposure, having worked with companies, startups, open-source organizations. However, my project work was based on digital assistants, an area I had never worked on before, so I was really excited.

My Team

One of the best things that happened to me during the internship was working as a part of a great team. So this blog would really be incomplete without mentioning them — Aasav Badera, Manas Trivedi, Ameyanrd, Pothugunta Chaitanya Janaki. All of them were passionate, creative and hardworking.

We were mainly on Zoom all day, either working in breakout rooms with VS Code LiveShare or having fun discussing random stuff. My team made the internship experience genuinely memorable. For instance, even on the day of our final presentation and project submission, Aasav and I were up the entire night, giving finishing touches to months of hard work.

The Project

My work involved integrating Oracle Digital Assitant with Oracle Journeys. I was in the Human Capital Management team, a part of Oracle’s Cloud Fusion Applications suite.

My project involved integrating Oracle Digital Assitant with Oracle Journeys

Oracle Journeys enables HR teams to create, tailor, and deliver step-by-step guidance to walk employees through various career or life events. Integrating Oracle Digital Assistant meant that employees could now do all journey-related work by merely interacting with an AI assistant. For my geeky readers, I used Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s NLP models and Oracle’s bots-node-SDK for ODA integration in a NodeJS Express environment.

Learning Sessions

One of Oracle’s most unique things was conducting many interactive sessions and giving its interns remarkable industrial experience. I learned a lot about the structure, work, and future of the software world. Additionally, some of these sessions were very motivational. For instance, we met Clay Magouyrk and learned about his inspiring journey with Oracle and Oracle Cloud.

Work Experience

Work experience with Oracle was amazing. Work hours were flexible, and a lot of freedom was given at all stages. The management was also quite supportive — I remember my mentor and her manager jumping in for a Zoom call late on a Friday evening, just to help us because we were poorly stuck while trying something new 🤯

My mentor Shruthi Banda, one of the kindest persons I have ever met, was always ready to help us at every stage. Additionally, we had weekly DSA tests (to evaluate interns), presentation sessions to discuss ideas, point out improvements, and encourage innovations.

Some random fun

Personally, I love exploring new things a lot. As such, I kept in mind two things during my entire internship — learning and thinking out of the box. I did explore many things at Oracle, way beyond the scope of my work, such as the Redwood design, Oracle APEX, Oracle JET, and Oracle Cloud. I also tried to bring in some of these into my work, which made the project stand out.

The breathtaking Oracle Redwood design

Receiving a Pre-Placement Offer

Having had a fantastic experience, I really wished to continue working with Oracle after my B.Tech. Though I had received good feedback from everyone, I was still unsure about receiving an offer.

Finally, on July 14, I received emails from Oracle and IIT Guwahati’s CCD regarding the offer. I started getting congratulatory messages, calls and I was elated 🥳

Final words

I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible, including my parents, and friends for always believing in me and supporting me. Also, to my juniors, joining Oracle as an intern next year, be ready to have the time of your life 🤩

Oracle successfully trying to fill my wardrobe with stuff 😂



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