Interview Preparation For Data Science

Aayush Ostwal
May 29 · 5 min read

Collected experience of IIT Kanpur students


Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Analyst, Machine Learning, Database Engineer, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing… you would have heard these terms. And this why you are here! This field is emerging exponentially. There are lots of opportunities, lots of things to learn and explore.

I am a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I have a great passion for data science and recently got placed as a Data Scientist in a Healthcare Startup.

What I find before and after working in this field for 3 months is:

After reading the above statements you would have the following question in your head:

This is where experience comes into the picture. Once you have gone through a process, you can easily make a list of do’s and don’ts and how to achieve something. A properly structured strategy not only organizes thoughts in your mind but will also increase your efficiency.

When you are organized, you can plan better, you can learn faster and you can succeed more.

So, I will share my experience and my friends too who have successfully excelled in this field.

What to Expect from this Article?

Interview preparation is an Art. It is the combination of hard work (which you have done in till now. Projects, courses, Internships, etc.) and smart work (which you will do now as the interview preparation strategy).

In a series of articles, we will try to cover the following aspects of interview preparation strategy.

1. Understanding the Field of Data Science

In this, article, we will discuss different job position and their work. We will also discuss what things we need to learn to ace in an interview in chronological order.

2. Probability and Statistics

It is a vast topic. But experience tells that for an interview some concepts are very important and are sufficient to ace the interview.

In this article, we will talk about:

3. Machine Learning Algorithms

Solving an ML problem by building Ml algorithms is not sufficient. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of what is going in the background of that code.

In this article we will talk about:

4. Data Structures for Data Science

Yes! we need knowledge of programming in the field of data science.

Programming tells a lot to the interviewer about you:

Many interviewers ask tough questions just to check your approach and temperament. They do expect a correct answer. This helps let them know that you can survive in this field or not.

5. Resume Preparation

How to make a well-standing resume is a crucial task. It is the first impression on the interviewer. Also, these pages show what we have done till now. What was our performance? Many interviewers first see the resume then frames the questions to ask. Hence, when you prepare a resume strategically, you can drive your interview yourself.

Resume preparation also includes how well you revise all your projects and courses. How explicitly you can explain your projects and internship experience. If you had done a lot in the project but cannot reflect in your interview, it would of no use.

This is a powerful tool. Hence, we must spend some time learning how to use this weapon in interviews.

6. HR Preparation

After the technical round gets over. Recruiter seeks the communication ability of students in HR rounds. HR interview is not only about yourself or your career goals. They may include logical puzzles and guesstimates.

These things are very easy. But you prepare for these things, it gives an impression of how well prepared you are. When you take an interview seriously, the interviewer will take you seriously. That's Newton’s third law.

One more thing that will help us to ace an HR interview is company research. This is no big deal, but have to find answers to some questions about the company. This will allow them to know your interest to be a part of this company.

Where are these articles?

Next question in your head, I guess!

This is a huge project. And I need to gather all my experience in a proper format. Hence whenever an article gets completed, this article will be updated, and you can see the link.

If you want to add some questions or doubts please feel free to tell me. Because, if it's your doubt, it will be of many. I try to get the best answers to your query!

All the best for the Interviews!

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Nerd For Tech

NFT is an Educational Media House. Our mission is to bring the invaluable knowledge and experiences of experts from all over the world to the novice. To know more about us, visit Don’t forget to check out Ask-NFT, a mentorship ecosystem we’ve started

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