Introduction to Selection Sort

Sorting algorithm 01

Gunavaran Brihadiswaran
Mar 2 · 3 min read
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  • In each iteration, find the maximum/minimum element in the unsorted subarray and swap it with the first element of the unsorted subarray. After swapping, the first element of the unsorted subarray will be appended to the sorted subarray. Swapping the minimum value will sort the elements in ascending order while swapping the maximum value will sort the elements in descending order.
  • Continue the iteration until the last element
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Implementation in C

Analysis of Selection Sort

  1. Selection sort is an in-place algorithm which means it does not require additional memory space to perform sorting.
  2. The time complexity is O(n²). Suppose the number of elements to be sorted is n, initially, the minimum value should be found among n elements which requires (n-1) comparisons. In the next iteration, it requires (n-2) comparisons. The following figure shows the number of comparisons required in each iteration.
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