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Our Story

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Started as a Medium Publication in June 2020, now we’re an Educational Media House with a vision to create a strong culture around Collaboration & Practical Learning.

We imagine an ecosystem of Professionals around the world who are Steering the Wheel of a Novice Learning Journey, a culture where Learners are collaborating with other peers while using skills as a tool to solve real-world problems.

Our Current Status -

Life as a Community Team Member

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In one sentence — It’s a feeling of making an impact, doing something meaningful while collaborating with professionals, learners around the world.

There are no restrictions while innovating, implementing crazy ideas. Our ultimate vision is to create a high-quality culture, where anyone around the world can interact, collaborate, learn for free. We together want to create opportunities for us, we want to solve global issues with Science, Technology, Finance, Arts whatever area of expertise is required.

We want to bring in individuals from different domains, so we all can contribute in some way.

Here are some pointers to give you an idea, what you can do. Again, If you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

  1. Weekly Community Update Blog — To make things more transparent in the community, we have started documenting the community updates, ideas, plans in form of a Blog, which will be posted every Monday. It will help to give updates & hopefully encourage community members to give their suggestions & ideas to make things more efficient. Here’s a blog post from Week I.
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2. Onboarding Professionals as Advisors & Experts — We have created a Board of Advisors & Experts, who will act as Mentor to the community. If you love talking to people, you can take the charge of reaching out, delivering our vision & onboarding professionals.

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3. Engaging with the community — We just have started & community members might hesitate to post queries or to engage in general. You can post messages, try to add some value with your experience, humor & learnings.

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4. Brainstorming on Ideas, Planning & Executing Plans for Webinars, Podcasts, Website, ELA Initiative — There’s always a space to do things better. Once you understand our vision, there’s no looking back. You can do whatever you want to do to take our community in the direction in which we all believe. We have a podcast series, & have already invited people from Tesla, NASA, Netflix. If you love talking to people or managing, you can take the charge. If you love designing websites, you can take the charge to add content.

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5. Weekly Newsletter from our Medium Publication — We also have a newsletter, where we post the best stories on the weekly basis. If you love reviewing content & creating newsletters, be our guest & do some magical tricks.

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6. We have a concept in our mind, where people can hire writers for their job from Nerd For Tech. Since many folks have reached out to us asking for writers, but till now, we haven’t thought about it yet. We’re working on the process, if you want, you can join us.

We aren't looking for work & time commitment. We want to give you an internal drive to innovate with our culture & ethics. Please note — This is not an internship or a job, this is just community work.

If you’re interested, Apply here —

If you’re not interested & have some suggestions, you can reach out to us via mail (, LinkedIn



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