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Keyword Extraction Applications and Tools

Because much of the data generated practically every day is not organized in a particular fashion, analyzing and processing it is incredibly challenging.

Keyword extraction is a text analysis method that aids in the extraction of the most frequently used and relevant words and phrases from any unstructured text. It assists you in summarising the written material and identifying essential subjects presented.

It collects keywords from a variety of text sources, including social network interactions, government documents, news stories, business reports, forums and reviews, and more.

You can easily find the most essential terms and phrases in massive datasets and disclose valuable information about the issues your consumers are talking about, such as -

How many of them are demanding a price reduction?

How much of the consumer feedback is connected to quality?

What kind of feedback do your consumers give you regarding your customer service?

Such insights can assist you in developing a more data-driven marketing plan by identifying, among other things, what customers like, what features of your product need to be enhanced, and what consumers are saying about your competitors.

Applications of Keyword Extraction

  1. You can quickly find the most important terms and phrases expressed by consumers in reviews, feedback, and suggestions, and gain valuable insights and product development keys.
  2. Finding keywords to maintain track of social media trends and hot topics, as well as keeping an eye on your competitors’ online presence.
  3. Examining how public opinion changes over time on any particular product line or service.
  4. By making it simple to find, organize, and access relevant stuff, you may learn new things.
  5. By automating the ticket tagging process, your customer support personnel can focus on really fixing issues.

Keyword Extraction Tools

BytesView’s keyword extraction tool can analyze unstructured text including customer feedback, emails, surveys, social media posts, etc. Pre-define tags to identify topical content, business intelligence, customer opinions, and recurring tickets. allows you to search for, extract, and analyze keywords from virtually any unstructured text. Their models can be taught swiftly with vocabulary appropriate to your industry.

AYLIEN’s News API is a ready-to-use keyword extraction tool for analyzing text data from documents and web material.

MonkeyLearn is a simple SaaS platform that lets you start keyword extraction from any source straight away. you can create your own or use this pre-trained model.

With the Northcut keyword tool, you just enter any URL you like, then utilize the results to expand on your own lists, examine search performance for rival phrases, or do additional research on critical terms.

The ParallelDot keyword Extractor can be used to index data, build tag clouds, and shorten search times. It generates a long list of relevant keywords and phrases to help narrow down your search.

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