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Know How These 10 Handyman Apps Have Created a Stir in South Africa

Handyman Apps

10 Popular Handyman Apps in South Africa

Task App

Fix Forward

Handyman Direct

  • 21 services in one place
  • Multiple payment options
  • In-app call and chat

get TOD

Sweep South Connect

  • Booking management
  • Connect with a handyman nearby
  • Real-time notifications of the handyman services booked



Kick server

Service Titan

Service Fusion

How to Perform On Demand Home Service App Development to Launch Handyman App in South Africa?

  1. Identify features whose inclusion makes users conveniently access home services.
  2. Conduct research to know what your competitors are doing and identify the missing elements in their home service solutions.
  3. Study the current market of the home service business in South Africa and assess the demographics to understand how users interact with the apps there when they use the app to get connected to electricians, plumbers, etc., nearby them.

Relevance of Outsourcing App Development to Handyman App Development Company

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