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Low-poly model in Blender: a little robot

⬅️ Low-poly model in Blender: some rocks| TOC | Low-poly model in Blender: a basic couch ➡️

These past few weeks, I’ve been diving back into 3d. And among other things, I’ve had some fun with low-poly modelling — designing a little tree, or some rocks, or even a basic pickup truck!

To continue in this low-poly vibe, I went for something a bit more futuristic and made a little sentinel robot. It’s (very) loosely based on the Imperial probe robots we see in Star Wars, on the planet Hoth (in the Empire Strikes Back movie which is the…




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Mina Pêcheux

I’m a freelance full-stack web & game developer. I’m passionate about topics like CGI, music, data science and more! Find me at: :)

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