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Making A Custom Bullet Hell-style Attack System (Part 1)

I want to upgrade the shooting mechanic for both players and enemies, so I’ll be making a “Bullet Hell”-style system today. This will be a multi-part post.

Today’s Objective: Upgrade the shooting mechanic by creating a basic Bullet Hell-style shooting script.

Create a new script:

Create the variables used for attacks

Now create an empty Update() and SpawnProjectiles() function.

Leave this script for now, and create another new script called “ProjectileAttackTemplate”.

Make it a struct instead of a class.

The purpose of this template struct is to allow predefining of attack types for easy access. i.e. You can create a ProjectAttackTemplate variable set up for a single shot forwards, then call the shoot function and pass that variable in. The same for a 20-shot radial attack.

Now back to the first script again, in Update():

In Update(), create a way to activate the attack

And in SpawnProjectiles(), first I create some local variables:

Then make a For Loop to spawn each projectile:

Calculate the position, rotation, direction and velocity, then spawn the projectile

The result:

Shooting 40 lasers at once!

Tomorrow in Part 2, I’ll be continuing this development to improve it and make some shot patterns and templates. Look forward to it, and remember to check it out!




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