Meta Universe Ignites a New Round of Enthusiasm in the AR/VR industry

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3 min readMar 18, 2022


At this stage, the industry generally believes that the hardware of the meta-universe era is AR/VR/MR. In recent years, some exciting progress has been made in VR technology, and the construction of the meta-universe world is also constantly advancing. There is a view that metaverse is the entire Internet on AR/VR.

AR/VR are the next-generation mobile computing platform that will soon be popularized, and metaverse is the presentation of the Internet industry on this new platform.

Tencent, ByteDance, Facebook, WiMi Hologram, Microsoft, and Google have already entered the game.


According to news, as the advertising business slows down, Facebook announced that it would disclose financial data of the augmented virtual reality department and invest billions in the development of “meta-universe” technology to improve virtual reality-related hardware, software, etc. Facebook said its investment in this sector would reduce its overall operating profit in 2021 by approximately $10 billion. In March 2010, Facebook acquired the virtual reality wearable device company Oculus VR with the equivalent of US$2 billion in cash and equity. Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook’s goal was to let the “meta-universe” reach 1 billion people in the next ten years and generated hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue in the field of digital commerce.


According to information, Google has conducted virtual and augmented reality research for several years. Notable products are like Google AR Maps and Google Lens. Google also owns the ARCore platform, which lays the foundation for the meta-universe ecology.


On the other hand, Microsoft has Xbox and the popular virtual world Minecraft and is promoting the benefits of mixed reality to existing customers. Microsoft CEO Nadella announced in August that it would launch an enterprise meta-universe solution, integrating digital and real worlds through its smart glasses HoloLens, cloud service platform Azure Cloud and other products.

WiMi Hologram

As the first AR stock of the “Meta Universe”, WiMi Hologram also opened the exploration of the meta-universe field. WiMi Hologram was listed on Nasdaq in 2020 and established Hologram Meta universe business department. Based on imaging detection and recognition technology, template matching and detection technology, video processing and recognition technology, holographic 3D layer replacement technology in imaging recognition, and dynamic fusion processing technology in imaging tracking, WIMI Hologram embeds holographic AR content into virtual applications. And it has a comprehensive holographic IP rights content library, virtual holographic content covers from 3D models to holographic virtual products.

At present, the meta-universe is still in the conceptual stage and has not yet taken shape. In the future, principles such as “immersion” will be combined with “immediate” and “ubiquitous.” To finally create an immersive environment with a complete virtual reality, we still have a long way to go.

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