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Mobile Apps Development in Unity Progression Report

After finishing the FPS zombie shooter project (Zombie Progression Report: Enemy Prototype and new Player Character Unity 3D), the next project for the GameDevHQ program is a little different this time.

This time around, we will be focusing on developing mobile applications.

Main Objectives

  1. Gain more familiarity with mobile environment development
  2. Lean more about AWS and how to use it (Amazon Web Services)
  3. Learn how to take pictures with your phone and upload them to your Unity app
  4. Work with GEO Location
  5. Learn about AR and create an AR app

First Project

The first project in this new journey is an Insurance Application, where the end-user is the insurance company.

In the application the company will be able to create new case files and search for case files.

Here are the some draft images of the project:

Follow this progression report and the following articles to learn more about AWS integration into Unity and some cool features along the way.

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